Overlapping Sovereignties, the TTP, and Corporatism

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) replaces national sovereignty with a new corporatist regulatory structure that would give the Empire’s financial and corporate cartel apparatus even more power over nations. The treaty, which is being negotiated largely in secret by corporate interests and government trade representatives, represents the steady erosion of elected government in favor of technocratic governance, and is the continuation of the corporatist policies of the Empire’s Mussolini and Hitler projects, rebranded after WWII as the Bilderberg’s “world company” project. As George Ball—who introduced the policy at the Bilderberg Meeting in 1968—stated, “modern needs” demanded the replacement of the “archaic political structure of the nation state,” with a form of corporate rule, as a way of preventing national governments from interfering with the maximization of the use of scarce global resources. The peculiar genius of the world company, Ball said, stems from its ability to view the world from a single vantage point. He explicitly cited the “overlapping sovereignties of the governments of Europe and the House of Rothschild” as a model.

Under the TPP, according to several leaked documents, national laws that interfere with the rights to profits of financial and corporate interests could be brought up to an international tribunal which could reverse sovereign actions. As we have previously reported, such a process could be used to overturn financial regulation, in particular Glass-Steagall. A leaked draft of the investment section of the treaty, for example, notes that the tribunal could force an offending government to pay monetary damages or even order the restitution of property, should an investor be harmed by what the tribunal deems as inappropriate action. Investments include all sorts of financial instruments including derivatives, tangible and intangible property, and intellectual property rights—basically anything where capital is invested in expectation of a profit.

Essentially, the TPP, along with the Trans-Atlantic treaty now being negotiated and a host of previous treaties including GATT/WTO, the European Union treaties, NAFTA, and others, represents the relentless push to replace the system of nation-states with a global corporatist dictatorship. This continued destruction of the protections of ordinary people is intended to allow maximum profits while imposing genocide.

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