Movisol Holds Conference on Glass-Steagall in Sanremo

On Nov. 9th the Italian Movimento Solidarietà (Movisol) held its first conference on Glass-Steagall in Sanremo, almost on the border between Italy and France, organized by opera singer and Movisol supporter Antonella Banaudi. She introduced two speakers, Liliana Gorini, chairwoman of Movisol, longtime collaborator of LaRouche’s and in charge of the Verdi tuning campaign of the Schiller Institute, emphasizing the importance of Schiller and his concept of art of statecraft, and Massimo Lodi Rizzini.

Liliana Gorini with Lyndon LaRouche

Gorini explained to the audience, comprised of around 50 entrepreneurs, including the chairwoman of Confagricoltura (the Agricultural Association) in Imperia, professionals and concerned citizens, how LaRouche’s movement started, and it presently leading all over the world the fight for Glass-Steagall, starting with LaRouche’s Triple Curve Typical Collapse Function in Rome in 1995, and arriving at the Glass-Steagall bills in the U.S. Congress, the resolutions introduced in 25 U.S. states (with a map to show them), the appeal for Glass-Steagall at the French Parliament, the petition in Belgium, the debate in Denmark, and the three bills for Glass-Steagall in the Italian Parliament which were the result of Movisol’s efforts.

She also showed, with a number of graphs, what will happen if Glass-Steagall is not adopted soon: hyperinflation, the terrible results of the austerity imposed by the Troika in Europe and by Obama in the U.S., with the excuse of the shutdown, the fight led by Wall Street and JP Morgan to try to stop Glass-Steagall and LaRouche. She invited the audience to become activated with Movisol for Glass-Steagall. Also Massimo Lodi Rizzini reminded the audience of the role played by Movisol in Italy, including in the resolution just introduced at the Parliament of the Lombardy Region, which was the result of his briefing to 12 regional councilmen of the Maroni Group, and exposed the failure of the present monetarist and Keynesian theories.

There were a lot of questions from the audience, including on the U.S. map of Glass-Steagall resolution and how can the LaRouchePAC mobilization be repeated in Italy and Europe, since “we do not have the same democratic system they have in the U.S..” One of the proposals made was to invite local politicians to a public debate on this issue, in order to force them to take a stand and pick up the fight, as LPAC activists did in the U.S., since “politicians only move when they feel the pressure from their rank and file.” Other questions were asked, on leaving the euro, on how was it possible for the Italian Parliament to have approved the Lisbon Treaty and the ESM.

Antonella Banaudi

There was only one negative remark from a lady who claimed that the message of Movisol was a bit “pessimistic,” and “it’s not true that entrepreneurs are all going broke,” which was promptly answered by Antonella Banaudi, who chaired the event: “I do not believe that offering the only solution to the present crisis can be called pessimistic.” At the end of the conference many people came up to Gorini and Lodi Rizzini to thank them, and five participants, who are friends of Antonella’s, continued the discussion in a nearby restaurant, asking more questions about Movisol. Two of them who came from Tuscany will also attend the next conference on Glass-Steagall in Italy, which will take place in Montevarchi (Arezzo) on Nov. 23rd.

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