“Nuclear Option” Puts Obama’s t-4 IPAB Back on the Agenda

As we have reported, Obama’s Nazi-intimidating IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) has been stalled, with Obama having trouble even finding anyone to serve on the death panel — especially since they knew they could not get confirmed by the Senate. Of course, much of what IPAB would do, is already being done in other ways, through evidence-based medicine, ACOs, etc.

But now, the National Journal reports, it could be revived by Friday’s abolition of the filibuster for most executive appointments: “The IPAB is technically supposed to submit its first proposed cuts in January, but Obama hasn’t even nominated anyone to the board yet. Nominees have to be confirmed by the Senate, which until today required 60 votes—and Republicans were highly unlikely to help confirm anyone to the board. But now that the Senate has moved to a 51-vote threshold for executive appointments, Obama will likely be able to fill the board and move ahead with one of the most significant cost-control measures in his signature health care law—if he wants to.”

The National Journal notes the importance of IPAB (for Obama’s genocidal objectives): “GOP critics oppose the IPAB largely because it puts the power to set Medicare payments in the hands of unelected experts. Supporters say that’s exactly the point: Congress lacks the political will to actually make meaningful cuts to doctors, hospitals, and other providers, so an administrative panel is the only way to control Medicare’s costs.”

If IPAB seats still can’t be filled because of no one wants the job, Obama’s executive-action fall-back, is that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius can produce her own set of cost-cutting measures, which, like IPAB’s, will take effect automatically if Congress doesn’t pass its own alternative cost-cutting measures.

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