When Will Germany Re-Orient Towards the East?


None other than Germany’s leading news weekly, Der Spiegel, commented Saturday on the collapse of the EU’s policy on Ukraine, as underlining the urgency of defining a new approach, particularly to Russia and Putin, whose enemy image as a man of awe needs overhaul. Merkel’s wait-and-see policy which keeps distance to Russia and Putin, has to be replaced by a more active approach—details of which the article however fails to address, otherwise.

Lyndon LaRouche, who, in his webcast Friday night, highlighted Ukraine’s shift away from the EU as indicative of a much broader sea change said, regarding the shift:

“This program, this arrangement, means we live. Their arrangement, the Western Europe arrangement — we’re all dead. And that’s what’s going on. Is they recognize that the Eurasian part of the economy, which includes Russia and parts of what had been the Soviet Union, were always viable. But the breakup was structured in such a way, to give it a, shall we say, a Western European orientation, and that is what’s ruined, since that point, since the fall of the D.D.R., that’s what’s ruined the whole situation. And it was a set-up!

Now, the set-up has reached the point that somebody’s got to die. Now, what’s under the threat of dying is first of all is Western Europe, and Germany has an option of going with Eastern Europe. Because the only interest that Germany has that means anything, is an anti-Green policy. And there are those in Germany who know it.

“…I’m looking to expect that Germany, together with Switzerland, together with Austria, and together with other parts of Eastern Europe, are going to come together. Some parts will not — they will die! And that’s the reality: It’s come. It’s not somebody’s opinion, it’s not quotations from the New York Times or some other institution of that type — they’re also dead. Because they stuck to — they’re looking to the money problem. Every one of these institutions is looking to money.”

The article can be taken as a sign that someone in the German elites is thinking about something constructive concerning Russia and the East in broader terms. An appropriate development, on this anniversary of the assassination of then-Deutsche Bank head Alfred Herrhausen, who had future-oriented ideas for policy approaches towards the East after the fall of the Iron Curtain, but was killed by a car-bomb on Nov. 30, 1989.

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