Vitrenko Launches Alliance against “Eurocolonization,” Demands EU Quit Meddling in Ukraine

Central Kiev was tense on Monday, as riot police deployed around Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), where opposition-organized students and others remained to demonstrate for associating with the European Union. Early in the day, police units cleared the barricades set up on Sunday to prevent access to government buildings. The Parliamentary opposition leaders requested demonstrators to fall back to the Maidan.

President Victor Yanukovych’s website announced that he will join this week in round table discussions with Ukraine’s three post-independence Presidents and with government and opposition representatives, to seek a way out of the crisis.

One of the most striking events on Monday, blacked out in the international press, was the announcement by former MP Natalia Vitrenko and others of a National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine. A translation of their statement, presented in a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine, appears below.
Stop Interference in the Internal Affairs of Ukraine!

We, as leaders of Ukrainian political parties and public organizations which have joined together in the National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine, demand that the leaders of the EU and NATO, as well as officials from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others, stop their interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and not incite civil war in Ukraine alongside Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

We remind these foreign instigators of the Euromaidan protests that, under the 1965 UN Declaration on the Impermissibility of Interference in the Internal Affairs of States and on Protection of their Independence and Sovereignty, and under the UN Charter, which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of its member countries, and under the 1970 Declaration on the Principles of International Law and the 1975 Final Act of the European Conference, the right of the people of Ukraine to choose Euro integration or Eurasian integration is an internal right of Ukraine, defined by the Constitution of Ukraine, by Ukraine’s Declaration of National Sovereignty, and by the referenda of March 17 and December 1, 1991. We remind you that through direct democracy and referendum vote of the Ukrainian people, our people have already made their choice in favor of integration with the former republics of the USSR and a new union with them.

Officials from Washington and Brussels, however, implementing their policy of a new colonization of Ukraine, have agreed with traitors to the people of Ukraine on a plan of colonization and enslavement of the country through a so-called Association Agreement with the EU. In order to force the immediate signing of this hideous agreement, so-called democracy fighters from the EU and NATO, as well as individual representatives thereof, have made an alliance with Ukrainian Nazis and, deceiving the population regarding the content of the agreement, are organizing a coup d’état. The core of the agreement is the total destruction of industrial and agricultural production and, as a result of implementing “a joint security and defense policy,” the de facto entry of Ukraine into the NATO military-political bloc and the deployment of American BMD systems in Ukraine.

We understand that the alliance of the EU, NATO and the Ukrainian neo-Nazis is aimed both against our national sovereignty and against the fraternal peoples of Belarus and Russia. The Washington and Brussels hawks, in alliance with Ukrainian brownshirts, are dragging Ukraine toward a war against Russia. We remember how the alliance of Washington and Brussels with Al-Qaeda, as they forcibly exported their “democracy,” drowned Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria in blood. What responsibility did the EU and U.S. “Goebbelses” accept before the population of those countries, for having lied about the future benefits to the people after such interference?

None at all.

Today they have selected Ukraine as their victim. They have taken aim against the Customs Union. Kaczynski, Saakashvili, Kwasniewski, Westerwelle, Grauzineine, et al. shamelessly address people at the Ukrainian Euromaidan and tell lies. EU and NATO officials are also joining “the people.”

We declare to all these brazen politicians: the Ukrainian Nazis you are supporting are not the people of Ukraine. The students from Galicia [western Ukraine], who have been deceived by you and the Nazis, are but a small segment of the people. The people of Ukraine support neither neo-Nazis nor Eurocolonization.

Therefore we demand of EU, U.S. and NATO officials: do not interfere in Ukrainian internal affairs. We demand of the President, Government, and Foreign Ministry to ban the neo-Nazi Svoboda group and other fascist organizations and to expel from Ukraine and declare persona non grata all foreign Eurocommissars who have appeared at the Euromaidan and are pushing the will of the West upon our people.

Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine N. Vitrenko
Eurasian People’s Union V. Marchenko
Kiev Rus Party V. Gonyavchuk
For the Union of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (ZUBR) organization Ye. Mazur
Gift of Life organization L. Kayotkina

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