New Obamacare Plans Penalize, Harm the Chronically Ill — Cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS Patients, Others — Exactly Per Hitler T-4 Principle

After two months of Obamacare exchanges, one pattern of the new health care policies offered on the exchanges is glaringly clear: the insurance companies are offering plans to deter the chronically ill (HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis (MS), and other such cases) from signing-up, and to financially and medically slam them if they do enroll.

The carriers — the insurance wing of Wall Street — are complying with the letter of the law of Obamacare — that no one may be denied insurance on grounds of a pre-existing condition. But the carriers’ proffered policies drastically cut both the medications they will pay for, and/or the amount of the drugs they will cover. They deliberately design a formula to exclude or bilk people needing medications for treatment of long-term cancer, HIV/AIDs, MS, various degenerative neurological diseases, sickle cell anaemia, and so on.

Thus, this insurance scheme is aimed at all those Americans who fall into the category designated as “non-rehabilitatible” to full health and function. This is the exact concept in Hitler’s infamous 1939 “T-4” medical memorandum, which then called for their extermination, in order to save the state from “unnecessary” financial burdens.

In today’s case, it’s a matter of money for Wall Street. “The easiest way [for insurers] to identify a core group of people that is going to cost you [sic] a lot of money is to look at the medicines they need, and the easiest way to make your plan less appealing is to put limitations on these products,” is the way the practice is denounced by Marc Boutin, V.P. of the National Health Council, which advocates for the chronically ill and for their associations, who was covered in a December 9th Washington Post article, giving details from around the country.

Two Examples

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Florida neurologist Daniel Kantor, a leader of the Southern MS Consortium, said that new insurance plans coerce doctors on which drugs they should use, as well as not paying for the full costs of the medications. “2014 is going to be a scary year. People are going to have to stop taking medicines they are already stable on because of this.” He said that the insurers are hoping, “that if they make it inconvenient for people with MS to get treatment, they will leave their rolls.”

HIV/AIDS. Some HIV persons are looking at a new monthly drug co-pay of $1000 to $6000 that they cannot manage. Certain HIV medications are entirely excluded from many plans. An AIDS group sent a letter in October to the Health and Human Services Department, on the wrongfulness of many policies excluding coverage for one or another of single-tablet/multiple-medicine regimens. Since then, Aetna and WellPoint made certain concessions on this in a few plans.

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