On Eve of Russia-EU Meeting, Foreign Minister Lavrov on Ukraine: Provocateurs Are At Work

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov delivered a scathing counterattack on the European Commission-Troika orchestration of the destabilization of Ukraine and its offensive provocation against Russia in a Rossiya-24 TV interview Saturday Dec. 14. State-owned Russia Today headlined its coverage of the interview: “Provocations, EU’s financial interests behind Ukraine protests–Lavrov.” Lavrov’s statements precede his encounter, if not showdown, on Tuesday in Brussels at the Russia-European Union Council ministerial meeting.

“Provocateurs with a long prepared script” are behind the events in Kiev. Regarding the intensity of the demonstrations against Russia, he asked, did the Ukraine government declare war on some peaceful nation, did it announce the building of a nuclear bomb against its obligations, did it order the murder of somebody? “A demonstration of such a scale and with so bitter mottos has been arranged as if the country declared war on some peaceful state contrary to the Ukrainian people’s will. This goes beyond normal human analysis. There is no doubt that some provocateurs stand behind this. I am really saddened to see that our Western partners have apparently lost the sense of reality.”

Lavrov stated that the EU free trade treaty with Ukraine will decimate Ukraine’s remaining industrial base: “The EU is trying to impose its position on the so-called Eastern Partnership countries while they cannot stand competition with an overwhelming majority of European goods. But it is luring them into a free trade area by acquiring their markets, which will be immediately filled with more competitive products from Europe, killing analogous industries in the countries that would sign association agreements, which would cause a problem for Russia, because we don’t have customs borders with these countries either.”

Lavrov polemically criticized the hypocrisy of the EU and the Troika, which is facing revolts against it’s own economic policies, asking, were he to show up at demonstrations like Western officials are doing in Kiev: “So there I am walking among demonstrators supporting this party and calling on Germany to change its attitude towards the EU and separate from it. How would that be taken? I believe that the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, the Council of Europe, and the OSCE would have all passed resolutions on how outrageous it was, and how Russians are meddling with Germany’s internal affairs.”

The outbreak of the Troika-orchestrated Ukraine destabilization is designed to sabotage the U.S.-Russian collaboration on Syria and Iran. The Troika reigns over most of Europe, but not Russia. They chose this fight, and it could be their Waterloo.

Another senior Russian lawmaker, Alexei Pushkov, said on Dec. 15 that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had every reason to reject the agreement, RiaNovosti reported. The meager aid package proposed by the EU to Ukraine is nothing for any normal country, he said. It’s an attempt to colonize Ukraine for 660 million euro [$907 million], he said.

Pushkov, who heads the State Duma’s international affairs committee, said that the EU’s words and actions demonstrated intentions by certain European politicians to have Yanukovych removed from his post. Previously, Yanukovych was considered a possible partner in the Association talks, but now he is seen as an evident political rival, who must be pushed into resigning, Pushkov said.

Pushkov described the statements of EU Enlargement official Fuele that negotiations would be broken off, as a possible sign that a group of European politicians who had taken a harsh stance against Yanukovych and his government, has prevailed over those in favor of additional financial assistance of $20 billion to encourage Ukraine to sign the deal.

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