Support For Jones-Lynch Bill For Cracking “The 9/11 Wall Of Silence”

Pressure to release the 28 pages on the Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks continues to build, with further coverage of the Walter Jones-Stephen Lynch demand for a Congressional bill to declassify the pages. Op-Ed News today posted an article by Russ Baker, publisher of, a website that has been following leads and developing independent information about the Saudi involvement for the last 5 years. In his article, “Saudi-sized Cracks in the 9/11 Wall of Silence,” Baker praises the “two outspoken Representatives … [who] have read the blacked out portions,” for calling for a resolution to force Obama to declassify the entire document.

Baker references the Dec. 15 New York Post article about the Jones-Lynch demand, but otherwise condemns the media–outside of “specialty” or political blogs–for completely covering up this story. He adds that while the Congressmen “would be violating the law if they offered any specifics about what they know, or even named any countries mentioned,” the 28 pages is (in his words) “about actual financial and logistical support of terrorism against the United States–by its ally, the Saudi government.”

Baker’s website also links to his prior articles that include the texts of the affidavits by former Senators Bob Graham (D-FL) and Bob Kerrey (D-NE), filed in lawsuits against the Saudis.

With last week’s court ruling, lifting the “sovereign immunity” that was key to the cover-up of the Saudi role in 9/11, the possibility of a full accounting is greater than ever.

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1 Response to Support For Jones-Lynch Bill For Cracking “The 9/11 Wall Of Silence”

  1. beijingyank says:

    This says it all…been said a long time ago…Bush Knocked Down the Towers.

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