New York Post Issues Second Blast Against Anglo-Saudi Empire

On December 23rd, the New York Post ran a follow-up to its first blast against the Anglo-Saudi Empire, run eight days ago, this one entitled, “Do the Saudis Control the Terrorists They Court?” Hoover Institution’s Paul Sperry, author of the Post’s Dec. 15 call to release the classified 28 pages on 9/11, opens with George W. Bush’s non-condemnation of Saudis, defending classification of the 28 pages, which W. tried to shrug off as essentially protecting an “ongoing investigation.”

Sperry says it’s “beyond odd” that Saudis have never really been investigated for 9/11, despite the fact that “at both the FBI and CIA, there were files thick with memos and other documents detailing connections between the Saudi hijackers and Saudi officials and agents in at least seven U.S. cities coast-to-coast. They revealed a vast Saudi support network spanning from Los Angeles and San Diego in the West to Washington, D.C., Falls Church, VA and Herndon, VA in the East; and from Sarasota, FL, in the South to Paterson, N.J., in the North.

“If Bush’s objective really was to avoid tipping off subjects of ongoing investigations, he could have carefully redacted the names of Bayoumi and other Saudis cited in the 28-page section. Instead, he elected to censor the entire section, scrubbing out anything and everything Saudi. The day before he did that, he met with the Saudis in the White House to discuss that secret Saudi section,” after which Prince Bandar “made a show of demanding they be released, arguing the Saudis have nothing to hide.”

Sperry then shifts back to the present day, quoting Bandar’s eerie offer to Putin to make the Sochi Olympics “terror free,” which he calls “a startling, shocking admission. Which is the more scary scenario?” he says, “That members of the Saudi government provide funding to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups but can’t control them — or that they can? Either way, we can’t find out the full story without an investigation. And the necessary first step is declassifying those 28 pages. Let’s finally connect those dots.”

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