LaRouche: It’s the End of the Old Imperial System

In discussion on Christmas Day, Lyndon LaRouche addressed the explosive implications of the Christmas Eve Moscow meeting of the Eurasian Supreme Economic Council, reported earlier. There, the heads of state of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakstan, and Russia agreed on steps to form a Eurasian Union effective January 1, 2015. Heads of state of Kyrgyzstan and Armenia were also present, and plans were laid for their countries to join during 2014. The Prime Minister of Ukraine was present as an observer; Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych had earlier said that Ukraine is considering which Customs Union documents it can sign on to.

“Look back a bit in history, the history of these territories, it’s very clear,” LaRouche said. “If you take that Union, well how much territory of Eurasia does that include? A great deal.” (Note that Ukraine, for instance, is the largest country in Europe after Russia. And have a look at Kazakstan on the map.) “That’s what happened as I emphasized on Monday. I think many of our people have not paid attention to that. Some of the younger members have, but some of the older folks are still stuck in the mud. This is like the Soviet Union.”

In his opening remarks at that Eurasia meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Eurasian integration “creates conditions for the dynamic development of our countries,” noting that despite adverse global economic conditions, the common market of the three member states is expanding, with trade among the Customs Union countries expanding threefold between 2010 and 2012.

“This is going to cause a real ruckus in Europe,” LaRouche said.

Putin said that “the share of raw materials in export-import operations is going down… I would like to stress that this is a very important part of our joint work. We are reducing mutual trade in raw materials and increasing trade in high-tech goods.”

“That’s exactly the opposite of what’s happening in the trans-Atlantic,” LaRouche noted. “All this stuff was there in 2011, in direction.”

That meeting was then followed by a Christmas Day meeting of the Supreme State Council of Belarus and Russia, reported on the Kremlin website, in which Putin said that the closer cooperation of Belarus and Russia was leading the way, calling it “extremely important for all integration processes in the post-Soviet era.” Two highlights of their agreements were a $3 billion loan from Russia, and more important, mutual cooperation in space. Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenka said that Belarus will be a space power. The background is that like Ukraine, although differing in important details, Belarus was also a high-tech center of the old Soviet Union.

“This goes to the post-imperial idea,” LaRouche said. “It’s the end of the old system. The old system as represented by the trans-Atlantic region, is now dead. Except the United States exists, but where is it located? What are the relationships? Because, the old imperial system is finished. This Eurasian integration is not a new imperial system: this is a new conception of statehood.”

Laura Poitras / Praxis Films

On the recent breakouts by whistleblower Edward Snowden and the reporters who have published his revelations, LaRouche said, “I would not underestimate the Snowden implication, because you have the Obama Administration, and its precedent, which is the Bush Administration. That process, that element, is disgusting and should be thrown away. And so therefore, the question is that you’re coming to a new period, where the present governing system of the United States,– the Constitution is fine. But the misinterpretation of the Constitution is something that has to be ejected. The old U.S. Constitution as it was, fits perfectly into this new accommodation on a global basis; but it’s the specific British-controlled aspect which has to be expunged.”

In his December 24 interview with Barton Gellman of the Washington Post, reported previously, Edward Snowden equated the NSA’s warrantless surveillance with the use of general warrants by the British in Colonial America, noting that “The last time that happened, we fought a war over it.”

“That is really a shrewd move,” said LaRouche. “Obviously his crew has been busy at this stuff, and who knows how broad that crew is? Obviously there’s careful discretion.

“The problem is, is that what’s happened is the destruction of the Constitution of the United States. And what is being done under the name of the Presidency, has actually been a destruction of the Constitution. This is especially clear since young Bush. Young Bush and on — this whole period is a matter of shame, of national shame! There were already some pretty shameful things before then, but this was the worst.”

In December 18 testimony to the Civil Liberties Commission of the European Parliament, available on the European Parliament website, Snowden’s co-worker, reporter Glenn Greenwald, said that the objective of the NSA (and Britain’s GCHQ) is “to abolish privacy worldwide.” Look at their slogans: “collect it all,” “know it all,” “exploit it all.” They have programs with no purpose other than identifying the pockets of electronic communications they haven’t yet invaded, and they work every day to invade them as well. They insist on getting into any place that humans communicate with each other electronically.

LaRouche responded: “A new British Empire! A global British Empire! They’re going to try to invade space next.”

“Why do we need privacy?” Greenwald asked. Because if we think everything we do or say is subject to eavesdropping, we become conformists. This prevents creativity. This is why police-states love surveillance.

“That’s the imperial system,” LaRouche said. “This is imperialism, British imperialism.”

He continued: “What this means is, very simply: first of all, the world is now divided between the Eurasian organization as such, as it exists now; and what was the trans-Atlantic system. That’s the division. And what’s happening is that the trans-Atlantic system as it’s formed now, is going into disintegration. And it’s on the verge of attempting warfare, but when they lost the Ukraine option, they lost the security of their intention of winning a war.

“That’s what this is, because you’re dealing with a system which has no real legality, that is, no systematic respect for the human being. It’s not a human-oriented policy. It’s a tyranny — intrinsically a tyranny. It’s simply trying to gnaw on the very last morsel of freedom. So what’s happened now is, that system, the trans-Atlantic system, is now dying, of rot. And the struggle on our part, is to get back our Constitution. If we get our Constitution back and get these bums out of there, this trash out of there, then we can have a reorganization of relations among the planet. And that’s the goal, because what’s happened now, what’s happened with this whole thing we’ve been discussing on the Ukrainian and Eurasian matters,– all of that goes in one direction. And the Anglo-American trans-Atlantic alliance no longer has total freedom. It now is under constraint. It’s a marginal constraint, but it’s real. And what happened with China’s moon-landing has changed everything. It’s not secure; it’s still at a state of potential warfare, but everything has changed.”

In a related development, Britain’s Channel 4 television chose Snowden to give their “alternative Christmas message” to the Royal Christmas Message of Queen Elizabeth. “This guy has connections,” said LaRouche. “He knows what he’s doing. You have our Joint Chiefs who are sitting there, saying almost nothing publicly, but thinking differently.

“You have the British faction inside the United States against the American faction. But the American faction is sort of hiding.

“We have a nation, the United States, and its interests, which, with western Europe, is bankrupt — absolutely bankrupt. And it’s clinging to this quasi-clear imperial outreach; it’s become like a cancer. Just take the question of economics. Now, we in the United States had, despite all the crap that was going on against us, we had a clear sense of national sovereignty. And that sense of national sovereignty has been penetrated again and again, and corrupted. But, it never had real, secure control. It had great influence and great power, but not real control. Now what they’re trying to do with this crazy piece of crap which is called a President,– we’ve lost everything in terms of control. We don’t control our own institutions. And separate organizations, which are largely British, are running agencies in secrecy, and claiming that this is the new law.

“We actually have a global development, and because the United States had capitulated to British control, British imperial control, the United States has lost its own sovereignty, and we have to get it back. And if we do get it back, then we in the United States can re-establish the proper relations with the Eurasian area. And that will be the way we get to the next step which mankind has to go to.”

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