Ukraine Looks to China, As Well As Russia

While the Trans-Atlantic nations continue to insist that Ukraine join them in committing suicide, China is joining Russia in coming up with ways to help restore physical production in Ukraine, to the mutual benefit of all.

Ukraine’s Energy and Coal Industry Minister, Eduard Stavytsky, announced yesterday that PetroChina is considering investment in the construction of a modern oil refinery in Ukraine. PetroChina and his ministry have “drawn up and signed an engagement agreement, a memorandum … which describes the issue,” he reported. So far, there is no report as to where the crude oil to be refined is to come from.

What remains of Ukrainian industry after its dismantling in recent years under Trans-Atlantic policies, is looking to Eurasia for survival. In a Dec. 25 televised Q&A with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and other heads of industrial companies from eastern Ukraine, Viacheslav Bohuslayev, Ukrainian Member of Parliament and honorary President of the Ukraine aircraft company, Motor Sich, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines, emphasized that the conditions currently offered by the European Union would collapse Ukraine’s aircraft-building industry. Ukraine should create a national airline carrier to serve the domestic market, to assure the stable development of its aircraft industry, he told the Prime Minister, but “we should develop ties with the Customs Union and go to the Eurasian market, as they are waiting for us [to come] with our products.”

Motor Sich is the engine manufacturer for Russia’s giant An-124 “Ruslan” transport planes, and an agreement was signed during last week’s meetings between Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych for joint Ukrainian-Russian production of 80 An-124 planes. Ukrainian nationalist Natalia Vitrenko, head of the Progressive Socialist Party, pointed out in her Dec. 19 national webcast that projects such as the An-124 agreement will involve a production and supply chain embracing several sectors of Ukrainian industry and saving tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

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