Don’t Be Stupid; Impeach Obama!

by Diane Sare, LaRouchePAC Policy Committee

As Lyndon LaRouche has made clear in public and private comments over the last few days, the world has now shifted, with the potential consolidation of a Eurasian Economic Union which holds the potential for a spectacular century of science-driven progress for the people of the planet as a whole, led by a bloc of nations from Belarus to the Pacific Ocean.

Under President Obama, who is emphatically not a genius, but merely a puppet of Anglo-Dutch imperial interests, the United States is on the wrong side. Take the example of the recent successful soft landing of a Chinese rover on the moon, with the clear intent from China to establish an industrial potential on the moon, in order to, among other things, mine Helium 3, a superior fuel for thermonuclear fusion energy; in contrast to Obama’s famous statement along the lines of, “We don’t need fancy fusion energy. We can insulate our windows…” (and put more air in our tricycle tires while we’re at it) to conserve energy.

It is not the fault of the Chinese that the President of the United States has an idiotic policy. However, it is the fault of the citizens of the United States, and our elected Congress, if this President is not impeached.

The issue, according to LaRouche, is Zeus vs Prometheus. That is, there are two mutually exclusive policy directions on the planet today. The policy of Zeus is seen in the Trans-Atlantic culture of environmentalism, trillion-dollar bailouts of criminal speculators on Wall Street, and the Queen’s expressed intent to reduce the world’s population by 6 billion people, already well underway not only in Africa, but now also in Europe, where in 14 EU nations, the death rate now exceeds the birth rate. If Obama remains in office, we will experience an even more rapid increase in the death rate here, in the United States.

The Promethean policy of elevating man through the discovery of fire, last existed in the United States under our assassinated President John F. Kennedy, but has now emerged in the Trans-Pacific region, as typified by the Chinese moon landing and the Russian Customs Union. Rather than murderous green energy, these nations are building dozens of new nuclear plants, new high speed rail and transport corridors, and accelerating their drive to develop thermonuclear fusion energy, as well as space technology which could prevent us from being wiped out by any large asteroids headed our way.

It is the conflict in diametrically opposed policies which creates the very real danger of thermonuclear war. Removing Obama, who is not the originator of this insanity, but a key controlling figure, in his capacity as President of the United States, would open the way for the United States to return to the legacy of John Quincy Adams and John F. Kennedy among others.

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