The British Diktat: De-industrialize and Perish

British Imperial Policy Has Succeeded in Drastically De-industrializing Europe Over the Last Half Century

The post-industrial paradigm shift ushered in with the British-sponsored assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, has dramatically shifted the nature of employment and economic activity not only the United States, but in Europe as well. In Germany, for example, back in 1953 employment in industry was 45% of total employment, whereas employment in the services sector was a moderate 34%. But by 2013, 60 years later, industrial employment in Germany had fallen to less then 25% of the total, whereas services had soared to 74% — and this in the country which still retains a stronger industrial base than the rest of Europe. In France, for example, in 2013 services soaked up fully 79% of total employment, while industry had shrunk to under 19%. And in Spain, services comprise 78% of total employment, with industry at a sad 18%.

Note that all of these figures are for percentages of total official employment, and don’t take into account the growing ranks of the unemployed as a percentage of the total labor force. Furthermore, as bad as the official figures for total unemployment in Europe are, they understate the real rate of unemployment, by excluding: those who have gotten discouraged at not finding a job, and are therefore no longer counted in the labor force; those who hold part-time jobs when they want and need full-time jobs; etc. A more realistic calculation, based on Eurostat’s own statistics, shows that real unemployment in Germany is not the official 5.3%, but at least 12%; in France the official rate is 11%, but real unemployment if 17.4%; in Spain, official unemployment is 27%, but real unemployment is 40%. And Portugal, Italy and Ireland all have real unemployment rates in the range of 20-30%.

Some specific examples of the results of this decades long genocidal intention follow, from the U.S., Greece, and Europe generally.
Not Since Great Depression has U.S. Population Grown so slowly

The population of the United States is growing more slowly than it has at any time since the Great Depression. New population estimates released Dec. 30 by the Census Bureau show the nation added about 2.2 million residents in 2013. On New Years Day, the census projected, the U.S. population will surpass 317 million people, a one-year increase of 0.7%.

The last time the nation’s population grew at a slower pace was in the depths of the Great Depression, from 1932 to 1937, according to an analysis by demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution, quoted in the Washington Post.

The accelerating collapse of the U.S. economy in the late 2000s led more women to postpone childbirth and fewer immigrants to come seeking jobs. As a result, the nation’s growth rate, which was just under of 1% as recently as 2006, deepened its slide the following year.

On this trajectory, the U.S. will quickly enter into the domain of negative population growth that is now sweeping Western and Central Europe.

One need only look at Greece, the nation that has been forced to accept the most brutal terms from the EU system, and one can now see that the bailouts are not helping the population, nor, as members of the Troika have admitted, are they working.
70% of ‘Greek bailout’ goes to the banks

The official, government and EU propaganda is still heavy on the alleged “we must support Greece” as the main reason behind continued bailouts and austerity; however, German freelance journalist Gerd Hoehler writes from Athens that of the roughly EU150 billion so far pumped into “Greece,” 70% have gone straight to the banks and the debt service, and most of the remaining 30% has been used to fill the Greek government’s gaping budget holes. This implies that only a handful of euros has been handed out to a handful of Greeks. The story is reported prominently, in the German Das Parlament weekly—an equivalent of the American The Hill.

In Europe more generally, they have adopted the program of Queen Elizabeth Windsor, for population reduction, and de-industrialization.
Zeus Smirks, as Europe Goes Anti-Nuclear

The collapsing energy flux density across Europe constitutes another success story for the British Empire’s Zeus-like green policy. One reflection of this overall technological downshift is that, over the last two decades, the share of total electricity generation which comes from nuclear power, fell from 35% to 30% for the Eurozone as a whole; from nearly 30% to a shocking 18% in Germany; and from 36% to 20% in Spain. The stark exception on Europe’s nuclear front is France, where the share of nuclear in total electricity generation rose from 73% in 1991 to 79% in 2011.

But the nation of Czechia represents a certain contrast, that there is still a chance for Europe to attain a re-industrialization, but that requires dumping the Euro, and re-establishing a system of Sovereign Nation States. No Nation is out of the woods yet, but the case of Czechia shows some of the difference in European nations adopting the EU system.
Industry Does Better Without the Euro

Unlike the rest of the EU, where the share of industrial output in the national economies has continuously shrunk from 18% in 2001 to now 15.5%, the Czech economy has been able to increase its industrial share to 24%. This is still below the situation before 1990, but it is the highest share in all of the EU.

Although Czechia is a member of the EU, it is not a member of the euro system, and that may be seen as making the difference: in spite of all their pro-Europeanism, the Czechs can still decide with a good deal of sovereignty to invest in the industry, and in infrastructure—particularly with respect to nuclear power, without having to treat the rescue of the euro as a top priority.

More even than neighboring Germany with its industrial share of 23%, Czechia has its strongest aspects in exports in auto making and in machine-building. And, since its exports to the EU and to the Eurozone are decreasing, Czech industry is seeking (as was interestingly declared in the wake of the China’s recent diplomatic offensive in Eastern and Southeastern Europe) to expand its exports to the BRICS states, notably to Russia, China, and India.

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