Obamacare Means a Huge Increase in Medicaid’s Doctor Shortage

As Fox News reported on Dec. 26, a far bigger problem with Obamacare than its sign-ups, is whether those signed up are going to be able to find doctors and facilities to give them care.

While NerObama sent a “good news” email on Dec. 20 reporting that “More than half a million Americans have enrolled through Heathcare.gov in December alone—and 800,000 more are on track to get Medicaid through their states,” Fox reported that “New Medicaid enrollments so far have outpaced enrollments in private plans on the exchanges.” One estimate is that millions have signed up for Medicaid, which has been expanded in about half the states.

But, as EIR has reported, there are nowhere near enough doctors or hospitals to serve them — clearly demonstrating the genocidal cynicism of Obamacare.

See Marcia Merry Baker’s Obamacare Proceeds With Murder and ‘Single-Payer’ Wall Street Bailout: More Fed Aid to Private Insurers

According to Kaiser Health News’ national statistics for 2011, only 69.4 percent of U.S. office-based physicians were accepting new Medicaid patients, because of the low reimbursement rates Medicaid (healthcare for the poor) pays. In New Jersey, only 40% of doctors accept new Medicaid patients, according to a study published in August 2012 in Health Affairs, because New Jersey’s rate of reimbursement for Medicaid doctors, compared to what Medicare (Federal health insurance for those over 65) pays, is the lowest in the U.S.

Under Obamacare, the number of Medicaid patients, now over 60 million, will increase by as many as 16 million, including 200,000 more people in New Jersey. Doctors fear that the two-year pay boost they have been promised under Obamacare will be cancelled after the initial period.

Fox News reported on Dec. 26: “About half of the physicians in many communities refuse to take Medicaid patients, because the payment system is just too low,” quoting James Capretta, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Doug Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, showed that some of the plans on the exchanges are going in the same direction: “If you look at something where you get a dollar by treating a private payer, you get about 70 cents out of Medicare for that same treatment, you get about 55 cents out of Medicaid for that,” he said.

By the end of March, the Obama administration hopes to increase the number of people on Medicaid by 9 million, and the number in private plans by 7 million.

“These networks are going to be jammed with people,” Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, said. “Far more than they’re treating now, and I don’t doubt that we’re going to have problems with access to these doctors. There just aren’t going to be enough of them.”

The solution is clearly the Hill-Burton approach: health care is a right, sufficient health facilities per capita must be built, and the necessary costs must be met — by once again creating a productive economy.

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