Jones and Lynch Mobilizing Colleagues To Co-sponsor Res. to Declassify 9/11 28 Pages

Reps. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) and Walter Jones (R-N.C.) are stepping up their mobilization for declassification of the suppressed 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, it was reported by radio station WBUR in Boston on Jan. 8. According to numerous sources, the censored 28-page section of the report deals with Saudi support and financing for the 9/11 hijackers.

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, according to the WBUR report, Lynch and Jones formally asked their colleagues to read the 28 pages, and then to co-sponsor House Resolution 428, which calls upon President Obama to declassify and publicly disclose the redacted pages. In early December, Rep. Lynch told the International Business Times that he and Jones were preparing a “Dear Colleague” letter calling on all House Members to read the 28 pages and then join their effort. On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Lynch said that he, a Democrat, and Jones, a Republican, will work their respective sides of the House, seeking co-sponsors, and that they should know within the next 4-6 weeks if they have enough support in the House to tell the White House to release the documents.

In the WBUR interview, Lynch said of course that he cannot discuss what is in the classified pages, but he did say that there are similarities between what happened on 9/11, and what is going on in Syria today, and he added that the material in those 28 pages could be instructive in helping Congress to put the situation in Syria in context — an obvious reference to the fact that the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria are being armed and financed by Saudi Arabia, and that the Saudis are demanding that the the U.S. intervene military on their side, and against the Assad government.

On January 2, Rep. Jones conducted an interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars on the 28 pages, which interview has been re-posted on the Ron Paul Institute website and many others. Jones repeatedly urged listeners to call their Members of Congress and tell them to join in H. Res. 428. Jones praised former Senator Bob Graham for his almost 14-year fight to get the information released, which would show who made 9/11 financially possible. The American people have a right to know who financed the 9/11 hijackers, Jones declared, promising, “We’re going to continue to beat this drum.”

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