Obama White House Confirms 2014 Commitment to Stone-Age “Clean” Energy

The Obama Administration commitment to killer-green energy usage was re-affirmed this week by an official statement on whitehouse.gov/blog, titled, “The Clean Energy Economy,” by Dan Utech, Director for Energy and Climate Change at the White House Domestic Policy Council. It lauds wind and solar energy. Other Administration departments are pushing more biofuel exports from corn-ethanol, and LNG exports from the frenzy in fracking—hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas.

This back-to-the-stone-age evil stands in dramatic contrast to the new announcement from Eurasia, that new nuclear reactors are to be built in Ukraine, in collaboration with Russia.

The Jan. 6 Utech statement begins, “Over the last five years, American inventors and investors have delivered significant progress in developing and deploying key clean energy technologies, supported by Administration policies. Electricity production from solar and wind has doubled….And in 2012, U.S. carbon pollution fell to its lowest level in nearly 20 years…” Three charts are presented to illustrate wind and solar power, and vehicular fuel efficiency. “In 2012, wind was America’s largest source of new electricity generation capacity, accounting for 43% of all new installations.” Since 2008, “solar installations have increased by a factor of 13. The Administration has helped to launch some of the largest solar projects in the world, and renewable energy permitting on federal lands has gone from virtually zero to nearly 50 approved solar, wind and geothermal utility-scale projects on public lands, since 2009.”

The Agriculture Department is colluding with the Renewable Fuels Association (representing ADM, Cargill and the at-large London/Wall Street commodities wing) to further U.S. corn ethanol exports. U.S. ethanol exports in November reached a near monthly record of 82.4 million gallons, going to Canada, Mexico, China, India and elsewere. Also in November, more corn-ethanol byproduct DDG (dried distillers grains, for livestock feed) was exported than ever before, for a monthly total of 1.08 million metric tons.

Also, the Obama Administration is backing the demand by Royal Dutch Shell, BP and others in the network of Anglo-Dutch imperial cartels, to further the U.S. gas fracking boom, and kick-start exports of LNG (liquefied natural gas). The Department of Energy has nearly two dozen requests for approval of LNG export terminals under consideration; the DOE has approved one, and given four others conditional approval.

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