By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 12, 2014

That which, for me personally, have been the received Press Announcements on the subject of the Death of Israel’s Ariel Sharon, has been extremely distressing for me, for historical reasons which are now particularly distressing for me, personally. That personal distress is not merely personal, but strategic.

My continued personal memory of the circumstances under which he had lived, now reposes in the currently strategic significance of that danger to mankind which might be represented by a mistaken appreciation of an adequately full memory of what he had represented as a prominent participant in the World War II, and, also, by the subsequent living history of the foundations of the present world. A view to be adopted, now, as within the context of a fulsome recollection of the particular significance of his life’s experience of the World II and subsequent history of Israel, throughout the course of the post-war developments since the time of the close of World II, to the last moment recently known to me presently, as since my receipt of the announcement, which I had now received, of his death.

The principle of this matter is, that the death of a human being, is not the conclusion of the meaning of their having lived. This is the most crucial of all facts presently shared, in particular, by both the original devotions of Christianity, and of the comparable devotions in the still-living roots of Judaism. This, with this common devotion, the living memory of the historical existence of any human being, would be an incompetent one, if taken in the risk of a superficial appreciation of the meaning of the present life of the continued spirit of Ariel Sharon.

That is the crucial personal and also a strategic quality of historical fact now available to us still now, as an appropriate memory of the deceased Ariel Sharon.

As for all men and women, inasmuch as they are, or have been human in their essential characteristics as spiritual beings, rather than merely in a temporarily living, mortal phase, of a continuing personal, but merely silenced existence.

I speak, thus, of the still living matter to have been consigned to memory of his life, by his demise.

What Is Human Life?

(N.B.: A uncompleted mere fragment of a document now still now in progress here, through its intended effects: is to be completed before the dusk of this present day. When completed this signal will have represented, thus, the entirety of the intended and also perfected composition- in-full, ere the completion of this present day, of the memorial statement, in full made by me.)

The most intrinsic meaning of all specifically human life, as distinct from the lower forms of lfie among all among the animals as such, is the remaining power of their still living, if silenced voice, now lodged in memory, in that continuing legacy of what mind had then given to an actually still living memory expressions. In that respect, our deceased companion of a living memory, must be enabled to participate, in this new fashion, as a lantern of reference for the use of not merely a continuing, but a continued, human history.

It is that crucial matter of a human individual’s need of a continuing immortality of the deceased, despite intervening death, which keeps memory, and the future, both alive in commonly shared destiny of mankind as a species. In this respect, the historical roots of Judaism and the true Christianity’s tradition share a special kind of broadly common origins of practice.

It is therefore, now urgency for understanding fully the legacy of what this fallen companion of us all of such persuasions, and agreeable comrades of humanity in general, must persisting struggle to shape the destiny of the future of all living mankind. That may be religion, but it should be also adduced as the basis for the reform of contemporary into the future dispositions of mankind.

We cheat the memory of Ariel Sharon’s having lived, if we do not seek to bless, by aid of the means of memory and progress given by the means of foresight, what is to be blessed in the shaping of the necessary outcome of his life, so done in such terms of reference which I have emphasized here.

On the occasion of my receipt of the published information which I have now received, I find it important that we take this specific, if otherwise doleful announcement of his demise, by affording his still-living memory a freshly perpetuated meaning, as may be doe by aid of our appreciation of his having lived to participate atill, thus, in the future of mankind.

It is the general, essentially Zeusian tradition, which has cheated so many of the generations of mankind heretofore, as by the reign of essentially Zeusian principles of imperialism and its monetarist roots, which have cheated the greatest masses in Europe and beyond Europe, during all presently known cultures up through these present times. The contrary choice of ruling devotions were now urgently required, lest we soon a destroyed species, a destruction inherent in what is fairly identified as the so-called “Oligarchical principle.”

Notably, the original characteristics of Christianity, as in the Judaism, from which continuation and effect known as an original expression of the Christianity of such Prophets as Peter and Paul had been expressed in its origins. The case of I Corinthians, is a notable relevant expression of the rejection of an oligarchical tyranny in the like of an Olympian oligarchism, to a truly Christian tradition derived essentially from the true principles expressed in famous Book of Genesis. Indeed, that view in Genesis, if and when applied to the evolution of mankind’s best, presently known roles, within the Solar System, and also most significantly, beyond, provided a mile-stone in those aspects of the presently knowable Universe, which the progress of a competent expression of mankind’s best, if sometimes frustrating, even angering limitations of the presently most competent expressions of contemporary science available throughout our planet now, must begin to be mastered in relevant degrees, to supply the future of humanity which the geniuses of the most advanced development of modern science, had not yet achieved.

Indeed, on this account, there exists no sane form of policy-making which, thus, gives live afresh to the legacies of the greatest leaders of society past, who add future progress to the still living repetoires supplied from the achievements of the past.

The crucial issue properly demanded for every occasion in the course of the unfolding of what we have named either “tradition,” or the future existence of mankind, which must not be defined by the standard of an appropriately practiced definition of the necessary future of presently accelerated effort for two principal purposes, the remedy of the follies from the past, and the urgent necessities to be realized from the future.

On that foundation, I propose, here, here a means to give the continued of the continuing meaning, even now, of the actual life to our presently departed Earthly companion, Ariel Sharon.

That is my devotion to his memory, and an starting-point of reference, for I, as many others, must to preserve the existential meaning of our recently deceased participation in a mutually shared contention rooted in the goal of passing from the what has to what must become.

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