The Lyndon LaRouche Report

Report for Saturday 12:00 PM 1/11/2014:


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

There are two reports, of outstanding importance, which are: the International Webcast of Friday evening; and, the report on the crucially important subjects of the ICLC’s daily briefing. Both, combined, have the relatively crucial strategic subject of a presently onrushing, now imminently threatened general thermonuclear war with deadly implications for the planet, a threat largely intended within the trans-Atlantic sector, including the United States under the succession of Presidents George H. Bush, Jr., and, his successor, Barack Obama; but under the actual direction given from the centers of the nearly global, present British Empire. The exact date of the launching of the intention of such war, chiefly by the British empire‑in‑fact, is not yet certain; but, the intention to go to the brink on that war, globally, is presently, certainly intended for some relatively early, future time.

The present threat of an already underlying state of preparations for launching such a new global warfare, has taken its origin in the terrorist warfare which has been generated from within actually the initiative for a trans-Atlantic general intention for the wide spread of terrorist campaigns against entire nations, and even larger regions, which is spread, in conjunction with an international spread of drug-keynoted corruption world‑wide, as a massive spread and escalation of that traffic and its related operations, since the original course of the spread of such operations, following the breakup of the former Soviet Union, but initially launched in a localized region of what had been the now fallen Soviet Union, This was the location with which Russia’s President Putin had dealt in a period early in his position as Russia’s President.

Thence, from such initial terrorist operations in that nook of a breakaway region of the former Soviet Union, the present explicitly strategic, international terrorism has spread throughout much of the world in general, to become the international terrorism recently instigated by the same root of development which generated an increasingly global international terrorism, a terrorism which operates as in control of many nations of the Middle East, Africa, and even significantly world‑wide.

The same unified system controlled by the same interests who had initiated international terrorism in a particular niche of the former Soviet Union, created the war which President Barack Obama had organized in the British‑created Libyan terrorist war there. The situation in Libya today, had been launched, in effective coordination of the same package of international‑terrorist operations now continuing against the government of Syria, and other regions of similar mode of international‑terrorist operations. The organization which had spread these terrorist operations implicitly globally, has taken its root from what I had identified in my own creation, which I had produced and distributed, of the 1999 “Storm over Asia.”

I have also given that information, the subject of which is now an evil which has been spread internationally, as the effect of a disease spread through the British empire’s financial backing of the British monarchy’s relevant institution, and related British‑Saudi operations in the infamous “9‑11” war in the United States, a war directed, specifically, under the then-actual Saudi Ambassador to The United States, Prince Bandar, who had had also managed both crucial elements of the physical “9‑11” preparations of aircraft which would be selected for capture, from U.S.A. air‑line planes, to execute the flights which had resulted in massive death‑rates in the New York City’s region and the other, Pentagon target.

I had been alerted, as by my own warning which had been personally delivered to then former President William Clinton, done at the moments of a meeting convened at my behest. I had also continued to follow‑up my warning , to organize relevant investigations, including operations by associates to assist what evidence suggested to me, were emerging as probable routes, accordingly pointed to likely D.C. targets, and northern near‑coastal regions for assemblies and deployment of actual attacks on some Washington, D. C. Targets. My early, still actually tentative forecasts were for national‑security alerts in expectation of strikes on a U.S. Government strategic‑military target.

My prediction of the warning which I had caused to be personally delivered to former U.S. President Clinton, had been a warning by me which had been predicated by my continued attention to the original forewarning which I had contined to trace from my expert intelligence conclusions respecting the significance of what I had originally named as “Storm over Asia.”

‑‑ Lyndon

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