Just Why Does Ireland Insist On Being The Loyal Slave Of Empire, Even As The Empire Itself Collapses?

The behavior of Fianna Fail and the Fine Gael/Labour Party coalition 
government can best be understood after reading that Guardian report 
where the son of Otto von Hapsburg lets the cat out of the EU bag.

We hear of FF and FG/LP pandering to the EU to escape the clutches 
of Britain, a plausible argument all be it one that poor little David 
McWilliams (reputedly our leading economist mind you!)
just cannot fathom, as he repeatedly, perplexedly, tries to understand 
with the numbers, trade statistics etc. Just to show the game cannot 
be understood by tea-leaves, nor Uni textbook recipes, look at the 
Guardian article.

FF and FG have adopted the Hapsburg Pan-Europe, 100 years after WWI.
It seems FF, FG are stuck in a WWI mode ! And that Tweedle-Dum,
Tweedle-Dee game of Hapsburg v. British Empire act holds both parties
still in thrall! Looks like Europe still has feudal nostalgia, which
the British Empire can still jolly well jerk around.  

The FG/FF carry-on could be plausibly attributed to the fact that
250,000 Irishmen signed up for WWI, a jolly British escapade. At the
same time FF set up the IFSC likely under British, Thatcher, pressure
on the border question, which led to their downfall. But is there a
feudal nostalgia lurking in the Party Halls that renders them
catatonic in the face of reality now?

It is high time to look at modern agro-industrial economics, the
productive power of labor, and the necessary national credit system
for progress. Notice this is exactly what Arthur Griffith published.
We now have a much broader and deeper access to this because of
excellent tireless research : For a new credit system

Isn't it time for Ireland to cop on to the “Great Game”? Russia has.
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