Russian and China Prepare Counter Terror, Drugs, Intelligence Apparatus at Moscow Conference

Foreign Ministry officials associated with the Russian headed CSTO defense alliance (Collective Security Treaty Organization) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have just held high level security discussions in Moscow on terrorism, with a particular focus on Syria. According to an Iran news agency interview with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Rahimpour (Iran has Observer status in the SCO), the overlapping CSTO representatives in the SCO’s Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) focused also on the need to expel foreign terrorists from Syria. The NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan and the peace process were discussed along with a focus on terrorism, trafficking of drugs, weapons, and cross border crime. Aside from Russia and China, 4 Central Asian nations are the members of the SCO.

Extensive intelligence exchanges regarding the tracking of individual terrorists is going on with the CSTO and SCO agencies. EU intelligence agencies are also doing the same.

Russian General Nikolai Bordyuzha, the Secretary General of the CSTO, also stressed preparing for the Afghanistan situation and the need for the CSTO and SCO to work closely together. In light of the escalation of the campaign against Ukraine, on the precipice of plunging that country into uncontrollable disintegration, it is important to note that the Valdai Club in Moscow posted a recent article of his, titled, “The Myths and Realities of Color Revolutions.” The article begins: “There is great danger that external forces are increasingly interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states with the aim of changing these states’ course to suit their own interests.” He called Color Revolutions a kind of coup d’etat and added, “These kinds of illegal actions are usually aimed at the full or partial disintegration of the country….”

NATO refuses to recognize the CSTO as a discussion partner in combating the foreseeable consequences of drug money financed narcotrafficking and narcroterror networks left behind in the context of the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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