Paul Craig Roberts: “Washington Drives the World Toward War”

Ronald Reagan’s deputy Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, in a posting on his website from December 14th, warns that “The fatal war, for humanity, is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the United States….”

In a report which sharply tracks some key elements of Lyndon LaRouche’s strategic statements, Roberts tracks President Vladimir Putin’s informed responses to the Bush-into-Obama continued drive to gain first-strike capability and provoke Russia around its borders; and says,

“If anyone remains to write a history, the Obama regime will be known as the regime that resurrected the Cold War, which President Reagan worked so hard to end, and drove it into a hot war.

“Not content to make Russia an enemy,” Roberts continues, “the Obama regime has also made an enemy of China,: and he tracks the steps of Obama’s “pivot to Asia.” “China has not been intimidated…. Last month the Chinese government announced that it now possesses sufficient nuclear weapons and delivery systems to wipe the U.S. off the face of the Earth.”

Roberts says, truthfully, “American citizens seem to have little, if any, influence on their government or even awareness of its intentions” But in a huge omission, he stops with evil American Presidents and stupid American citizens as the cause of coming thermonuclear destruction; he misses completely the Anglo-Dutch empire’s role and that of its satraps like Saudi Arabia.

Roberts ends not by demanding Obama be impeached — which he has done in past pieces — but by saying that Germany could save the world from war by exiting NATO and the EU, “collapsing the alliance.”

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