Revisiting the ‘Lewinsky Affair’: Clinton Was Targeted for Moves for a New Bretton Woods


In light of Lyndon LaRouche’s remarks about former President Bill Clinton during the Monday, Jan. 27, policy committee dialogue, it is worthwhile to once again review the actual strategic context for the Republican impeachment hoax against the President. The strategic consequences of the Clinton impeachment are still reverberating in profound ways today. By destabilizing the Clinton presidency at a critical moment when the trans-Atlantic financial system was going into crisis, the London-Wall Street crowd preempted President Clinton from completing a strategic turn in the direction of Lyndon LaRouche’s call at that time for a New Bretton Woods System to wipe out the power of the speculators, who had already wrecked Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, and Russia with their currency warfare and short-term capital-flight.

During a speech before the New York Council on Foreign Relations in Sept. 1998, President Clinton had denounced the $1.5 trillion-a-day market in short-term currency speculation and vowed to change the system. He launched an international commission to study ways to reform the global financial system, in synch with LaRouche’s active campaign at the time for just such an overhaul.

Instead of a return to American System methods, Clinton was targeted for removal from office by a concert of Wall Street bankers, Likud fanatics, right wing Republicans, and two leading Democrats, Vice President Al Gore and Sen. Joe Lieberman.

While no one can excuse President Clinton’s own flaws, he was set up by a trap, based on his profile and sprung on him by enemies intent on his destruction and the early end of his presidency.

In July 1995, Monica Lewinsky, a sexual predator who already had a track record of stalking older men in positions of authority, was given a position as an unpaid intern on the staff of White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. President Clinton was already, at the time, a target of a major Republican Party assault, leading to the Kenneth Starr independent counsel probe. Lewinsky got into the White House position through family connections. Her mother, Marcia Lewis, was engaged to wealthy New York City media mogul R. Peter Strauss, a major Democratic Party donor who served as Director of Voice of America under President Jimmy Carter. A New York real estate executive close to Strauss and Lewis, Walter Kaye, called the White House to secure Lewinsky the post. At the end of the internship, Lewinsky was hired to a paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

Lewinsky’s profile became so obvious that in April 1996, she was transferred out of the White House to a post at the Pentagon public affairs office, explicitly based on her clear stalking of President Clinton. It was at the Pentagon that she was picked up by Linda Tripp, who passed word of Lewinsky’s account of her “affair” with the President to independent counsel Starr.

The Lewinsky affair changed history. Although the contact with Clinton occurred during 1995 and 1996, it was only at the crucial moment when Clinton was making a major policy shift around the accelerating global financial crisis, two years later, that the plug was pulled. Had Clinton gone forward with the New Bretton Woods initiative, there would never have been a repeal of Glass-Steagall, which was only possible under the conditions of the concerted right-wing Republican/Wall Street assault on the Clinton Presidency.

As it happened, the efforts by Wall Street, the Likud, the right wing and treasonous Democrats like Gore and Lieberman—all British assets—failed to bring down the Clinton president in absolute terms. The initiative launched by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Sept. 1998 with the Committee to Save the Presidency, beat back those forces, but enough damage was done that we are still paying the strategic consequences.

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1 Response to Revisiting the ‘Lewinsky Affair’: Clinton Was Targeted for Moves for a New Bretton Woods

  1. Jane Orr says:

    I have always assumed that it was right wing “dirty tricks or business as usual in the gop” She was hired and the other nonentities that he dallied with were dug up like trash and paid. The republican party is immoral and aid in nonproductive efforts as a matter of course.

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