Vitrenko Warned of Neo-Nazi Gangs in 2013

Natalia Vitrenko, Doctor of Economics, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Eurasian People’s Union of Ukraine, delivered a warning on April 15th, 2013, of the clear and present danger represented by the Neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine. The presentation was delivered at the post conference seminar, of the April 14th, 2013 Schiller institute conference in Frankfurt Germany.

Click here to read the full transcript, and watch the video, of Vitrenko’s April 14th speech, from the previous day..

Dr. Vitrenko’s Remarks

April 15, 2013

During the two days of the conference and today, we have looked very deeply into the crisis situation, as one of global destruction. But we are not the only ones, we people of reason, who are preparing for the crisis. I am convinced that the strategists of the British Empire are also working on their scenarios and preparing for this collapse. Helga alluded to this in her remarks, referring to the threat of fascism.

And the processes under way in Ukraine are not unique; in Latvia, Hungary, Romania, and I’m sure in Greece and Spain, the same thing is going on. The economy has been destroyed, artificially. The oligarchical paradigm has been established, with the drastic impoverishment of the population. And then everything possible is done, to bring neo-Nazis into the political arena. This is very clear in the example of Ukraine. We had President Kravchuk, and then President Kuchma.

They listened to the IMF, they conducted reforms, but they continued to waver between Russia and the West. The West then brought Yushchenko into play. Who was he? His father was in “six different concentration camps” during World War II. Well, that’s patent nonsense, because people did not survive even one concentration camp, never mind six. At the end of the war, he went into the American zone. I believe that from that point on, his father was totally controlled.

Then, Yushchenko was assigned a State Department case officer, who was to become his wife. Yushchenko became President not by being elected, but under pressure: Javier Solana came, others came in, and pressured the Court to make the decision in favor of Yushchenko [in 2004]. In the streets, at that time, we had the color revolution, paid for by George Soros, Berezovsky, et al. Yushchenko becomes President. What is the first thing he does? He essentially rehabilitates all the collaborationists. Monuments begin to be built in Ukraine to Bandera, Sukhevich – to these agents of the Abwehr. In western Ukraine the Nazi movement takes to the streets.

We sound the alarm. We understand that this is even against UN resolutions. But Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yatsenyuk, the pro-NATO forces, are in power, and they pursue this policy. In the West, they can see that the south and the east of Ukraine are against such a scenario. Then, Washington agrees for Yanukovych to become President. Yanukovych makes his first foreign trip to Brussels, to NATO headquarters. Yanukovych allows the Nazis onto national TV. Within six months, the Nazi party Svoboda wins the elections to the regional parliaments in western Ukraine. At that point our movement came under heavy pressure.

We were kept off the air. But the Nazi parties became more powerful. In the 2009 Parliamentary elections, the Nazi party Svoboda entered the Parliament and obtained Parliamentary immunity, substantial state financing, and guaranteed air time. They proceed to hold their covens without any obstacles. They march through the streets with torches and under slogans like “Ukraine over All!” “Ukraine for Ukrainians!” “Glory to Ukraine, Death to the Enemies!” “Stab the Muscovites, Slash the Russians, Hang the Communists!” This a gross violation of the Ukrainian Constitution, because it is incitement to ethnic strife. Nobody does anything about it. Money pours in from the West.

For the so-called struggle against corruption alone, NGOs receive $400 million a year from Europe. They start beating up people demonstrating for other causes: anti-fascists, Orthodox, etc. We had to set up our own self-defense units to defend our rallies. Several times, already, we have had to make citizens’ arrests of the neo-Nazi thugs and take them to the police station. We would demand that they be prosecuted for impeding our political activity.

The police immediately let them go and they have orders from above to do this; that “Europe” would be unhappy with the violation of democracy in Ukraine, if they touch these thugs. The government is doing nothing to stop this. Nazi propaganda is spread openly. Books by [Dmytro] Dontsov, the “Ukrainian Nietzsche,” are openly sold in the Parliament building. Yushchenko, before leaving office, issued a decree that only the nationalists could be considered fighters for Ukraine’s independence. By the logic of this decree, the Red Army were occupiers. Russia was an occupying force. Only the collaborationists are upheld as having defended Ukraine’s independence. I filed suit against this decree by Yushchenko. Yanukovych could have repealed the decree, but he did not. I lost the case at the local level, the appeals court, and the Ukrainian Supreme Court, and am now preparing a complaint to the Supreme Court.

My father fought throughout the war, so how could he be an occupier? There have already been films shown on Ukrainian TV about how Ukrainians greeted Hitler with joy, while Stalin was a demon, the Red Army were occupiers. Then there are talk shows around these films, in which young people shout out, “Glory to Ukraine!” The Nazis cultivate soccer fans. There have been several cases during soccer games, when at the 88th minute of the game, a firecracker is set off. This is a code for “HH” or “Heil Hitler!”

The International Soccer Association had to penalize the Kiev Dynamo soccer club, forcing them to play a game with no spectators. I wrote a letter of thanks to [ISA President] Michel Platini, for being the only one to raise his voice against Nazism in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Nazis have a headquarters office in Prague. They work directly with those in Poland, the USA, and Great Britain. I understand very well that at any moment, passions could explode in Ukraine and the streets will belong to the Nazis. Yanukovych is a 100% puppet of the West. His father was in the Polizei. And so it turns out that all the people in power in Ukraine are those who hate Russia. And the fact that our population is dying out, and the fact that we are deprived of the ability to live together with our blood brothers of Belarus and Russia, doesn’t bother them at all.

They constantly go running to the U.S. Embassy. Therefore, what happens in the world will happen, and it will happen inclusively in Ukraine, as the formation of a Nazi state. And I think that a Nazi state in Ukraine is a danger for the whole world.

(Translated from recording of remarks in Russian.)

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