Kerry Declares Failure of Obama’s Syria Policy, Joins With McCain And Graham (And Press Whores) Demanding War

Before leaving the Munich Security Conference, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke privately with the U.S. Congressional delegation at the conference, headed by war fanatics John McCain and Lindsey Graham; and, according to McCain and Graham and the three reporters they chose to brief on the (private) meeting, said that Obama’s Syria policy was failing, that Russia was sabotaging any progress, and that it is time to arm the insurgents.

The disgusting core argument made by Graham and McCain, and reportedly by Kerry (and enthusiastically supported by the press whores, Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post, Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg, and Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast), is that al-Qaeda is now taking over Syria, threatening to attack the United States, and therefore we have to wipe out the Syrian government. The fact that the British/U.S./Saudi policy built up al-Qaeda in Syria, as it did in Iraq and Libya earlier, is simply ignored by blaming Assad as a “magnet” for al-Qaeda (as Kerry says).

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, approached by the three reporters after their discussion with McCain and Graham on the flight back to the United States, said that Kerry had said nothing new, and that he did not call for “lethal assistance for the opposition,” although McCain and Graham insist that he did.

In fact, the Syrian News Agency reported today that Jordanian news and press sources revealed that “a US aircraft loaded with weapons arrived in al-Mafraq airport to hand over these weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to the graduation of a new batch of 1500 gunmen, of al-Zaatari camp residents, who were trained for fighting and using weapons to join nearly 50000 others existing in Syria.”

Both McCain and Graham (among the 15-strong Congressional delegation which met with Kerry) say Kerry pointed to several developments in bringing him to his new position: DNI James Clapper telling the Congress last week that the al Qaeda groups in Syria are planning a hit on the U.S. homeland; the hoked up “curveball” report that 11,000 prisoners were tortured and murdered by the Assad government; the supposed stalling by Assad on removing chemical weapons; and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sabotage of progress in the Geneva talks.

Lindsey Graham, writes Josh Rogin, praised Kerry’s Putin-bashing: “John Kerry, to his credit today, said this is getting really out of hand. And he was really down on the Russians. He was really good on Syria. He was good on [saying] the Russians are slow-rolling us, and saying this ain’t working. He sounded more like John McCain than I have ever heard him.”

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