More Resistance Inside Ukraine Against Fascist Plot, Further coverage in Germany

Unreported in the Western press, is that by no means is all of western Ukraine with the fascists:

RIA Novosti reported last night that a monument to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was unveiled in western Ukraine. The erection of the monument in an unspecified location in the Volhynia region was attended by local members of Ukraine’s Communist Party, representatives of the Russian and Belarusian communities, members of the local Anti-Fascist Committee and other public organizations, the news portal said.

Commenting on the event, Communist Party officials said Stalin was the leader who united modern Ukraine and liberated the world from fascist forces. The head of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Volhynia called on the Communists “to rise in defense of the homeland from fascism” as Ukraine is facing a “neo-Nazi uprising.” The CP is also circulating a declaration among fellow CPs in Europe, exposing the Bandera Nazi connections of the rioters in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

Furthermore, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Crimea has decided to ban the activities and symbols of the Svoboda all-Ukrainian Union on the territory of the autonomous republic. Svoboda is a threat to internal peace and national unity, as well as to the autonomy status of Crimea, the Presidium charges.

Some German Media Expose Nazi Side of Ukraine Riots

Just in time for the explosive EIR dossier to hit the media scene and institutions more broadly today, some of the German media have, interestingly, begun to expose the Nazi side of the riots in Ukraine.

The liberal Freie Welt website, based in Berlin, has an interesting assessment of the Ukrainian situation, as it has developed since 2000, noting that neither Tymoshenko nor Yushchenko ever signed any association agreement with the EU. Freie Welt says that fascist groups are about to hijack the protest movement in the same way as extremist Islamists hijacked the protests in Syria. The article calls for talks between the EU and Russia, as the only venue to solve the conflict peacefully.

The Bonn-based leftist Neue Rheinische Zeitung adds the case of supposed torture victim Dmitri Bulatov, saying this affair smells like a false-flag orchestration resembling the way the allegations of chemical weapons use by Assad’s armed forces in Syria was invented. Meanwhile, neo-Nazis are taking over the scene in Kiev.

Even the state-run Deutsche Welle, in an article based on interviews with activists of Spilna Prawa and other neo-Nazi and right-wing groups in Kiev, reports that in the headquarters there of the Prawy Sektor alliance, a sticker saying “Nazis only” can be seen—of which the report includes a picture.

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