Fascist Activities in Ukraine Stir Up Bundestag, European Parliament

With more and more media now reporting on the role of fascist groups like Svoboda and Spila Sprawa in Ukraine, parliaments in Europe are getting stirred up and polarized. Typical was a debate in the German Bundestag Feb. 1, during which a big clash occurred between Wolfgang Gehrcke of the Linke and Marieluise Beck of the Greens: Gehrcke said that he and his party do not want to see Europeans having any relations with “these right-wing-extremist scumbags” [sic] of the Svoboda, etc., whereas Beck said this was all black propaganda from the Russian FSB intelligence service to discredit the “peaceful protests of the people.” This Green siding with the Kiev rioters fits well with the fact that the Green-linked Heinrich Boell Foundation has established an “alternative Ukrainian embassy” not far from the official embassy in Berlin, as an information center and coordination venue for opposition Ukrainian groups. The Heinrich Boell Foundation is run by Ralph Fuecks, Beck’s husband.

In the European Parliament, all groups have called for peaceful development in Ukraine and have denounced the violence, with the Europe for Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group using the harshest words, saying that its members express “concern over the growing influence on and control of the EuroMaidan by the extreme nationalist and chauvinist party All-Ukrainian Union ‘Svoboda,’ led by Oleh Tyahnybok, which has never distanced itself from the historical legacy of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was responsible for the mass murders of Poles, Jews, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and Armenians between 1943 and 1947.” The EFD states that it “believes that the political platform of the All-Ukrainian Union ‘Svoboda’ is contrary to the fundamental European value of respect for people regardless of their nationality or beliefs.”

In Germany, particularly the Linke party wants to expose once again, as it had already done in several parliamentary queries since the spring of 2012, the role of the (CDU-linked) Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which invited Klitschko and Tyahnybok to Berlin, in February 2012, for talks on how to create a unified opposition in Ukraine for the national elections there in October. The foundation cooperated in that with the National Endowment of Democracy (NED) affiliates, National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute, which shows that there is trans-Atlantic collaboration on the destabilization of Ukraine. This is also documented in an answer of the German government to a parliamentary query by the Linke. It is said that many CDU members of the Bundestag are feeling uneasy about the foundation’s doings in Ukraine.

According to the same government answer to the query, the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), closely linked to the German government, also invited another Svoboda delegation to Berlin on April 24-27, 2013. This was run under the theme “building up of administration capacities in the public finances sector” [sic] in Ukraine, and was co-funded by the Ministry of Cooperation (usually in charge of pushing “governance” in developing sector nations).

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