Helga Zepp-LaRouche Reads the Riot Act at Pro-Maidan Event at Washington Gathering

Helga Zepp-LaRouche brought a good dose of reality to an event organized by the World Affairs Council of Washington, which was to discuss the issue of “Where Is Ukraine Going?” The speakers included Nadia Diuk, a long time operative for the Democratic Party’s National Endowment for Democracy and John Herbst, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. Needless to say, it was arranged as something of a support rally for Euromaidan and a condemnation of Russia. The EIR’s Bill Jones was the first speaker, who went after the involvement of the neo-Nazi Svoboda organization and the danger of war with Russia coming out this confrontational Western policy, both of which were pooh-poohed by the speakers, with Nadia Diuk, insisting that the leader, Oleh Tiahnyibok, had rejected the anti-Semitism of Svoboda. Some of the other questioners, however, also intervened to express their concern about Svoboda.

But the real highlight of the evening was the intervention by Zepp-LaRouche, which virtually left the speakers speechless and invalidated everything that they had said. Zepp-LaRouche went through the statements by the Russian military, noting how the EU membership issue was really an open-door to NATO affiliation, based on the policy of encirclement of Russia, which has been the predominant orientation of the West over the last decades. She noted that the Russians had made very clear that such a development in Ukraine would represent a direct threat to them and would be considered a casus belli.

She then addressed her comments to each speaker, pointing out what they had carefully ignored in their presentation, underlining, in particular, the insanity in wanting to join the EU, which probably would cease to exist within a short period of time. She also pointed out, referring to one of the speakers who had addressed the issue of the actions of the Ukrainian police, that in Greece the EU Troika had imposed virtual police-state measures to prevent people demonstrating against the EU conditionalities.

On many faces in the audience there was a look of pure elation at Helga’s comments, with a few people even starting to applaud, and it was probably only in deference to the rather crestfallen speakers that she didn’t get a standing ovation. The speakers were really at a loss for words, with Diuk simply babbling about how she had never heard anyone talking about “encirclement” – ever. At the wine-and-cheese reception following the event, there were many people who came up to congratulate Helga, wanting to engage her in discussion.

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