Opposition Threatens Increasing Violence in Ukraine

Ukrainian national security officials remain on alert for new explosions of violence, including possibly bombs at public facilities, into a second day. Meanwhile, reports of observers inside the country, paint a picture of the increased threat of armed conflict, coming from the Nazi- and hooligan- filled opposition ranks.

One qualified observer noted the eerie similarity to the operation against Libya, where an opposition was armed by outsiders, and set up to create a parallel government, which would eventually be recognized by those very outside instigators.

Other reports include:

  • A German business consultant who works in Ukraine and Bulgaria, told the leftist daily Junge Welt that, during his recent trip to Kiev, he not only heard a lot of talk about armed struggle, but that there was a special booth on the Maidan at which people can get instructions on how to use a gun or a hand grenade.
  • Right Sector leader Dmytriy Yarosh is quoted in a Feb. 10 article in Pravda Ukraine, calling for protesters to prepare for a national mobilization in anticipation of further blocking the government district by force. He said:”We are in no way obliged to continue the truce,…we call on the opposition, the self-defense forces, AutoMaidan, veterans of Afghanistan, and all other protesters” to prepare for such action.
  • ABC-TV reporter Philip Williams, in his dispatch from Kiev yesterday, opened his piece as follows:”They are a very intimidating sight and sound. Hundreds of masked men and women armed with baseball bats, iron rods, and even machetes are lined up behind the stolen and makeshift shields to repel the latest threat….”

    The “threat,” it turns out, were pro-government demonstrators, who were scared away. When Williams interviewed an organizer about whether the protesters were armed, he made it clear that they were: “Maidan will defend itself to the very last.”

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