Nuland, Nazi Sympathizer, or Just Plain Loud-mouthed Jerk!

by Lyndon LaRouche

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives, found itself (all but two) voting for an authentically original Nazi organization, still existing organization since Hitler’s time, which had conducted massive amounts of mass-murders, but which had been protected from the rest of the Nazi murder-machine exposed at Nuremberg. The protection had come from the British agencies who had taken the Lithuanian branch of the SS and related Nazi agencies by the British empire, up through the present time.

The principal victims of those Lithuanians who joined the Nazi cause, still today (with standard Nazi types of signatures, still today). Their victims of genocide then, were notably Jews and Poles.

U.S. Jews in the House of Representatives were deeply ashamed to learn that they had voted in support of authentic SS-type Nazis today, a Nazi organizaiton which still exists today, and is leading the operations, now backed of Nuland, presently. If Obama continues to support Nuland, should he not be promptly impeached?

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