Lavrov Warns Against Anglo-American Plans to Revive War Option against Syria

The attempts by Obama with France and UK to use blackmail at the United Nations by linking the fight against Saudi-backed Al Qaeda terrorism in Syria to the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, were exposed today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a Moscow press conference. Announcing that Russia had “presented our own draft resolution on Syria” which is “an independent document and not amendments to the draft that Luxembourg, Australia, and Jordan submitted,” Lavrov also “denounced claims that fighting terrorism in Syria is only possible once President Bashar Assad resigns,” according to Russia Today.

“A statement by the Western partners saying terrorism should be stopped only after Assad resigns means that they ignore a basic and universal principle — nothing can justify terrorism, Lavrov said in Moscow. The impression is that the humanitarian theme is now used, as has recently been the subject of chemical weapons, in an attempt to find an excuse to undermine the political process, shift the blame to the regime in Damascus and make a pretext to go back to the military scenario to then again change the regime.”

There are now two drafts circulating in the UNSC, neither of which has been formally introduced, and Russia Today reports that there are efforts to “forge” a document that will be acceptable to both sides. Lavrov called the humanitarian catastrophe “the most urgent problem,” and said, without giving the details, that the US-backed draft would halt the humanitarian aid that the Geneva II conference is negotiating now and, to a limited degree, delivering.

In Geneva itself, talks between the Syrian government and opposition were not held yesterday, but a trilateral meeting between UN/Arab League envoy Brahimi, and the Russian and U.S. representatives, Gennady Gatilov (Russia) and Wendy Sherman (US), took place. Brahimi said that the U.S. and Russia both stated their continued support for the Geneva II talks to continue, and that the parties will try to expand the humanitarian effort that was successful, though limited, in Homs to other parts of Syria.

A senior intelligence source in Washington told EIR that the humanitarian intervention (R2P) gang in the administration (Susan Rice, Samantha Power, et al.) is pushing for military intervention as soon as the Geneva talks fail, which they, in reality, do not support. For now, the view of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey that there is no military solution for Syria is the dominant one, the source said, but if the talks break down, Obama is likely to move for military action to remove Assad.

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