Obama in California, Blames Drought on Peoples’ “Carbon Pollution”; Backs Scarce Food for Biofuels, Scarce Water for Fracking

Obama’s visit to California on drought, Friday, was the occasion for him to re-state the tired, old imperial green cover-story for genocide, that people’s activities are causing drought and other weather extremes—namely overheating the Earth. He launched a new initiative on “climate change,” meaning that peoples’ numbers and means of existence must be cut back. This was the theme of his call for a new “Climate Resilience Fund,” which he announced, along with announcing a few pretenses of aid to drought-stricken ranchers, farmers and local communities in California and the West.

Obama’s script is almost word-for-word that of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit conferees, demanding extreme depopulaton to prevent overheating the Earth. Queen Elizabeth and minions call for reducing the world’s population from 7+ billion down to 1 billion.

See Obama, on California Drought Aid Visit, Affirms Depopulation Agenda, Launches New, Green “Climate Change Resilience” Initiative

Speaking at Los Banos in Merced County, Friday night, Obama said that, we must “combat carbon pollution that causes climate change.” He gave demented remarks on how man-made global warming causes drought in particular. Hotter temperatures cause 1) more water run-off; 2) smaller snow-pack; 3) more evaporation from soils and reservoirs. He has instructed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set up seven new “Climate Hubs” to monitor and give advance warning to farmers, who are to practice “resilience” measures. One hub will be at University of California at Davis.

Climate scientists have come out denouncing Obama, and his science adviser, John Holdren, who on the eve of the Obama Feb. 14 California trip, told reporters, “The global climate has now been so extensively impacted by the human-caused buildup of greenhouse gases, that weather practically everywhere is being influenced by climate change. We’ve always had droughts in the American West, of course, but now the severe ones are getting more frequent, they’re getting longer, and they’re getting dryer.”

This is “pseudo-science rambling,” said former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, and University of Colorado climate scientist Roger Pielke, Jr. Spencer wrote in his blog Feb. 14, that Holdren is “verging on irrationality,” and other put-downs.

Scarce Food for Biofuels, Scarce Water For Fracking

The California and Western drought is a national and world-scale water and food emergency. In that regard, the Obama/green commitment to depopulation is dramatically evident in how scarce food continues to go for biofuels, and scarce water for fracking. The euphemism for this destruction is “energy independence,” as it was for the Bush Administration before Obama. The Obama boast is that the U.S. is now becoming the new “Saudi Arabia of natural gas.”

FOOD. At present, 40 to 45% of the U.S. corn harvest is processed for ethanol for the gas tank. The corn itself (no matter the use of by-product for livestock feed), and the agriculture capacity behind it, is a huge loss to the food chain.

FRACKING. At present, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is consuming huge volumes of water for oil and gas extraction, in areas critically-short of water. A report released earlier this month, by the Boston-based research group Ceres, documented this, by overlaying a map of water-stress regions (from the World Resources Institute), onto the sites of new fracking wells, for the 29-month period January 2011 to May 2013. The results:

* Nearly half (47%) of oil and gas wells opened by fracking in the U.S. and Canada are in areas of high water stress. In California, New Mexico and Wyoming, the majority of wells have been drilled in regions of extreme water scarcity. Texas leads all states in the number of such wells, with over 9,000 such wells opened in extremely water-short areas, and another 9,000 in dry-prone locations.

* Only about 5% of all fracking water in these areas has been recycled; that is 95% is “consumed” and gone. This has directly led, in such places as west Texas and eastern New Mexico, to ranches shutting down, and towns running out of water.

* Over the 29-month study period, fracking consumed 97 billion gallons of water, that is about 45 billion gal/year (0.14 MAFY). (The report is “Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress: Water Demand by the Numbers,” February 2014, A Ceres Report by Monika Freyman)

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