LaRouche: Get 10-12 Congressmen By Midweek On Impeachment!

Given the emergency conditions facing the United States and other Trans-Atlantic nations, of imminent economic disintegration and thermonuclear war, there is nothing so urgent as getting President Obama removed from office, now, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche stated in his discussion today with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee Discussion today. He specified: “Ten members of Congress, maybe 12, [coming out for impeachment] would be sufficient to get the ball rolling. And you have to think about, that when we’re talking about ball rolling, we’re talking about now and Wednesday, or something like that.”

Congress is back in their districts this week, and the American people must go into action. Policy Committee member Diane Sare pointed out that Congress was in recess when Obama moved to bomb Syria last year and, slammed by their constituents, Congress informed Obama by a mass letter that bombing Syria would not be tolerated; Congress can act when they are not in session in an emergency, under sufficient pressure.

Congress has returned to their districts in an environment ripe for fulfilling Mr. LaRouche’s marching orders. It became clear in the last few days that some within conservative Republican ranks have decided to force a debate on impeachment, and many within Democratic Party congressional ranks privately, if not yet publicly, can no longer contain their rage at Obama’s destruction of the country.

A column titled “Of Course He Should Be Impeached. Do We Have A Congress Or A Coffle Of Slaves?” published in the American Spectator this Monday, weighed in in that debate. Author David Catron tells Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz, that it is “utterly irrelevant” to say that the House of Representatives cannot impeach Obama just because Senate Dems would never convict him. That would be like a policeman seeing a thief picking your pocket, refusing to arrest the thief because a corrupt judge might let him off.

Obama’s “serial violations of the Constitution” make it “the duty of the House of Representatives to impeach Obama,” Catron wrote. He cited Roman Emperor Tiberius’s dismissal of the “self-seeking and moral cowardice that had allowed Rome’s once-powerful Senate to be emasculated: `Those men are fit to be slaves.’ If our elected representatives in Congress don’t do something about Obama, they will be regarded by posterity with equal scorn,” Catron argues.

Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) told Washington’s The Hill today that he thinks the Republican “leadership is coming to the conclusion that they cannot sit idly by while the President makes this enormous power grab.” Not so, yet. Rice himself is still ducking the big fight, pushing instead for his H.RES. 442, “Stop This Overreaching Presidency,” which would have the House of Republicans “bring a civil action in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for declaratory or injunctive relief to challenge” several cases of executive branch overreach.”

Why sue, when the 104 Congressmen co-sponsoring that bill should go for impeachment?

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