Obama Visits Truck Depot To Denounce ‘Harmful Carbon Emissions’—He’s Blowing It Out Both Ends for The Queen

Obama visited a Safeway warehouse depot in Maryland yesterday, to announce that he is directing his regime’s Transportation Department and Environmental Protection Agency to set tighter emission controls for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, to go into effect in March 2016 (large pickups, school buses, and 18-wheelers.). This is his latest move in a series of crazed, on-high decrees about combatting global warming to save the Earth. He spoke of climate change Feb. 14 on a drought trip to California; and with French President Hollande earlier last week.

A White House operative said this week that the new truck emissions-reduction initiative is part of Obama’s ongoing effort to use his executive authority to address climate change.

On Feb. 12, the U.S. submitted a ‘vision’ proposal to the United Nations for a new global warming agreement, according to Reuters. It is described as being an innovative “bifurcated approach” of jiggering different emissions targets for rich and for poor nations. Whatever it is, it is doing the dirty work for the Queen’s agenda of depopulation and destruction.

The (Un)Scientific American reports that the White House has held three inter-agency meetings since last September, on how to push ahead with an anti-global warming drive. The journal runs a photo of Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the Londonite, together at a Copenhagen climate change meeting.

Today at the Safeway trucking center in Upper Marlboro, Obama praised the supermarket chain for employing vehicles with lower emissions, holding forth that,”Our levels of dangerous carbon pollution that contributes to climate change has [sic] actually gone down even as our production has gone up. And one of the reasons why is because we dedicated ourselves to manufacturing new cars and new trucks that go farther on a gallon of gas—and that saves families money, it cuts down harmful pollution, and it creates new advances in American technology.”

Obama contrasted that with how, “Carbon pollution was going unchecked, which was having severe impacts on our weather…”

He is blowing it out both ends for the Queen.

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