Fascist cabal in Ukraine exposed in Bundestag debate

In a special 1-hour debate on Ukraine in the German Bundestag this morning, which mostly saw mentioning of “freedom” and the “peacefulness” of the protesters in Ukraine, and the call for sanctions against the Ukrainian government and oligarchs, Linke member Andrej Hunko stood out exposing the fascist nature of the Svoboda party and its contacts to western fascists like the Hungaruian Jobbik, Britain’s National Party and Germany’s NPD, adding that also the World Jewish Congress has Svoboda on its international list of dangerous antisemites. Hunko insisted that a clear line be drawn against Svoboda and Prawy Sektor, that their staying in what the West terms the “peaceful” opposition, must not be tolerated.

This earned him interjections from the other parliamentary groups, but in particular freaked out the Greens, one member of which tried to change the subject by reading out a tweet from another Linke member which had charged the Greens with breaking a German taboo by covering up the facsists in Ukraine. The Greenie insisted that Hunko distance himself from that tweet, which the latter refused to do and continued with his speech against a noisy background of Greens continuing to yell and scream. Before Hunko, Heike Haensel, another Linke member, had in an interjection during the speech of Greenie Katrin Goeruing-Eckardt exposed the cooperation between the conservative Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the UDAR party of Vitali Klitschko, as showing that Germany was no neutral player at all in the Ukrainian conflict, but positioned against the government there.

Hunko otherwise gave a comparatively calm and reasonable speech, introducing himself as coming from a Ukrainian family that had been victimized from the 1920s to the 1940s there, therefore the only thing which he wishes is that the Ukrainian people can live in peace and self-determination, free from geopolitical intrusions and also free from the oligarchs from the west and the east that have captured Ukrainian politics for the past 20 years. Since Ukraine is divided between a west-tending and an east-tending part, the only solution can be a cooperation between Europe and Russia, a new “ostpolitik”, Hunko said. Not solving the problems however would be sanctions, nor the mission of the three EU foreign ministers to Kiev today, Hunko said.

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