Obama & Royal Dutch Shell Protect U.S. Gas Exports While Americans Are Fracked by Hyper-Prices, Scarcity

On Thursday, the Congressional delegation of Vermont held a telephone meeting with the Commerce Department, to plead for the Obama Administration to cut U.S. propane gas exports, because of scarcity and hyperinflation in liquid propane at home. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday, “Our demand is, until Americans can get the propane they need at a reasonable price, do not allow the exportation of huge amounts of propane.”

Don’t hold your breath. The propane crisis is just one of the many crises inherent in the overall deadly circumstances of not going nuclear. It’s Obama who has to go. In particular, he is presiding over the continuation of using scarce water in drought areas of the West, for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in shale gas and oil wells.

See Lyndon LaRouche’s “No Fracking Good!!!”

The volume of exports of U.S. propane and propylene has shot up five-and-a-half times in just the past two years; these exports tripled over the last year alone. The imperial right-to-export is part of the great Obama/Bush oil-and-gas boom, by appointment-to-her-majesty, etc. The biggest names in the Anglo-Dutch energy empire are infamous: Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Halliburton, Anadarko, and more.

In 2013, the Obama Administration lifted restrictions on exporting propane, and the product is whizzing abroad, while there is desperation in farm areas, and for heating and appliances in homes, schools, and other facilities, especially in the Midwest and South. In multiple locations across the U.S., propane is almost unavailable, and at impossible prices. For instance, on Wisconsin, in Baraboo, last year this time, propane was $1.49 a gallon, and holding steady. In January, 2014, the price was $5.95 a gal. Many distributors could not supply any at all, at any price.

This is a “success” story for the empire. Royal Dutch Shell, for example, is on the move for Eurasia. In Siberia, Shell and Gazprom Neft are jointly doing a shale oil extraction pilot project, the Salym Petroleum Development program, for drilling the first horizontal appraisal wells in Upper Salym.

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