New Videos Released in Paris Document Neo-Nazis in Ukraine—Call the Question: Toss Victoria Nuland, Impeach Obama!

Yesterday in Paris, new documentary video clips showing Nazi violence in Kiev, were released by Ukrainian leader Natalia Vitrenko, at a webcast exposing the destabilization of Ukraine by Western intervention.


Dr. Vitrenko, who is providing them for wide circulation, is the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, and she keynoted a webcast on the site of the Solidarity and Progress organization of France. She has begun a tour of Europe, as the head of a delegation of signers of a January 25 appeal by 29 Ukrainian organizations, addressed to world leaders, to stop a neo-fascist coup in Ukraine.

She said in her address yesterday, “We are making this tour as representatives of people’s diplomacy, representing the majority of the population of Ukraine, who want to stop the flames of civil war. We know with certainty, that the coup d’etat in Ukraine threatens the stability of the Eurasian continent.” (

In the United States, these new video clips serve to focus attention afresh on the criminal acts of Victoria Nuland, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, whose unlawful intervention in Ukraine was already exposed earlier this month, in a tape-recording of her phone call with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, on how to manipulate Ukrainian figures into power, including neo-Nazis, for a neo-fascist coup, on the border of Russia, creating threat for a thermonuclear war. This was the famous “F*** the EU” phone call.

On Feb. 6, at the time of the revelation of the tape-recording, Lyndon LaRouche stressed the urgency of removing Obama from office. He said, “This was set up by Obama’s personal representative [to Ukraine]! We have to impeach this son-of-a-bitch. He should be impeached for pulling this kind of stunt; he is playing with thermonuclear warfare.”

Victoria Nuland, who has pushed the coup-destabilization at every step, is already infamous in Washington, for being the mystery-hand at State who re-wrote the talking points for the Obama cover-up on Benghazi. But she has been allowed to continue. The latest word from State is that she will go to Ukraine in early March.

The video clips broadcast in Paris include footage from December 2013 and various times in January and February. You see masked, heavily armed individuals, with molotov cocktails, and weapons, assaulting and setting fire to the police, and storming government buildings. These are scenes Western governments and media called, “peaceful protests.” The slogans include “Glory to the nation, death to the enemies;” and “Knife the Moskali [Russians], Hang the Communists.” They give greetings analogous to those of the Nazis. In place of saying, “Sieg Heil!” they shout, “Slava Ukraine, Heroyam slava”—Glory to Ukraine, to the heroes, glory.”

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