Further Disintegration in Ukraine

There are several developments in Ukraine that have occurred over recent days, which signal a further deterioration in the nation. Ukraine is one of several hot spots around the world, which could be the trigger for a thermonuclear conflict between the United States and Russia, unless drastic changes are made. Lyndon LaRouche has identified in recent days that the removal of Obama as the best option for avoiding such a confrontation.

Here are a few of the developing stories from the Ukraine disentegration.
Kerry Issues Obama Administration Threat to Russia Re:Ukraine

President Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, today issued a provocative, thinly veiled threat to Russia in an NBC interview. Kerry’s statement in defense of the neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine was made in reference to Russian concerns about the Western-backed neo-Nazi coup in a neighboring state. Kerry made the statement after President Putin ordered a Russian military drill in Russia.

Kerry said: “I think Russia needs to be very careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here.” He added: “we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here, the sovereignty of Ukraine. Russia has said it would do that, and we think it’s important that Russia keeps its word.”

Nazi Goon-squads Are Taking Over Ukraine

Yesterday, Russia Today documented with a series of reports from Western Ukraine, how Nazi goons are taking over Ukraine. Tuesday, Alexander Muzychko, a well-known activist of “Right Sector,” and a former fighter against Russian troops in Chechnya, forced the Rovno regional parliament to operate at gunpoint, after walking in with an AK-47 and asking, “Who wants to take away my machine-gun?… Who wants to take away my knives? I dare you!”

“On Monday, the prosecutor’s office in the Volyn region in western Ukraine and members of the Party of Regions in the adjacent Rovno region said they were being pressured and urged to resign by radicals. The 24 officials of the prosecutor’s office in Volyn issued a statement that radicals from Right Sector intimidated them with ‘physical threats to them and their families…by displaying firearms, entering premises of public institutions, including the prosecutor’s office, and demanding the dismissal of management.'”

The Deputy Chairman of the Party of Regions in Rovno, Alla Ivoylovoy, said that “armed masked youths burst into the homes” of party members, demanding a list of activists who “participated in the so-called anti-Maidan protest, threatening physical violence and arson of houses.”

The house of the head of the Ukrainian Communist Party, Pyotr Symonenko, was set afire on Monday by men who brought in boxes of Molotov cocktails.

The former head of the Presidential Administration, Andrey Klyuyev, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg after being attacked in transit from Crimea to Kiev. His house was raided twice by unknown assailants on February 23 and 24. He is now in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Neo-Nazis of Ukraine; Role of Rice and Soros To Destablize

In his batchelorshow.com on Feb 25, John Batchelor pointed out that while the Russian media have devoted time since last Fall explicating the virulent history of the ultra-nationalist neo-Nazi parties from western Ukraine that rally under the black and red flag of the grandfather of Ukrainian fascist parties, the U.S. media have remained oblivious. Nor has the White House mentioned Jews or anti-Semitism during the several remarks directed at Moscow advising Russian President Vladimir Putin not to intervene in the Ukrainian chaos, Batchelor noted. In fact, sources told him that the Kremlin holds that Susan Rice has been in contact with the investor George Soros, who has used his wealth and influence openly to unsettle affairs in Ukraine at least since the Orange Revolution of 2005.

In the period between World War I and World War II when Ukraine became part of the U.S.S.R., there was a series of anti-Jewish pogroms. During World War II Ukrainian nationalists in Western Ukraine chose to cooperate with the Nazi occupiers, and some of them were instrumental in facilitating the activities of the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman called on Kiev’s Jews to leave the city, and even the country if possible, fearing that the city’s Jews will be victimized in the chaos, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Feb. 21.

“I told my congregation to leave the city center or the city all together and if possible the country too,” Rabbi Azman told Ma’ariv. “I don’t want to tempt fate,… but there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions.”

Batchelor reported firebombing of a new synagogue in Zaporizhia, 250 miles southeast of Kiev, that has accelerated planning for all contingencies, including evacuations of the Jewish community.

Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization of Ukraine’s Jews, described the situation in Kiev as dire, telling Ma’ariv, “We contacted [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman requesting he assist us with securing the community.”

NATO Meets with Ukrainian Military Delegation

NATO defense ministers have convening in Brussels for two days, beginning yesterday, naturally having Ukraine on their agenda, and today, a meeting with a Ukrainian delegation led by new Deputy Defense Minister Oleksander Olynyk is scheduled. This goes under the NATO expansion-to-the-east project, run under the misleading name of “Partnership for Peace.” Oleksander Turchynov, who usurped the post of transition president in Ukraine on Feb. 21, also took command of the Ukrainian armed forces, last night.

The Rada’s following an initiative by the Svoboda Party to scrap the language law, not only affects the ethnic Russians in Ukraine, but also 400,000 Romanian-speaking and 150,000 Hungarian-speaking Ukrainians. The Romanian and Hungarian governments have already voiced their concern. It fits with this picture that the new Ukrainian interior minister has decreed the complete disbanding of the anti-crime/riot squad Berkut, effective as of this morning.

Batkivshchyna presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko will attend the March 6-7 Dublin convention of the conservative EU parties (EPP) next week, and afterwards fly to Berlin to receive treatment for serious back problems at the renowned Charité clinic, being arranged by the German government.

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