Mexican Commentator to Obama: Don’t Come Back; We Want a JFK

Many citizens in our nearest southern neighbor would welcome impeachment. Two days after Barack Obama visited Mexico, several Mexican newspapers, including the prominent national daily Reforma, published an op-ed titled simply: “Don’t Come Back!” Author Manuel J. Jauregui ran through quite a list of why “we” Mexicans can no longer stand “said Barry Obama.”

“Other than being good for speeches and speechifying, Mr. Obama has been a bad President and an abysmal international leader: he doesn’t understand the economy; he doesn’t understand the world, and therefore diplomatic relations with the United States are a disaster.”

His Attorney General has violated laws wholesale, Jauregui wrote. Holder, with Obama’s backing, covered up ‘Fast and Furious’ arms trafficking, and armed certain drug cartels in Mexico in exchange for information to combat others.

Obama’s government has failed to create jobs and “has violated the Constitution, abusing Executive Power…. Since he was a hyper-pothead as a youth (which he himself admits), he has supported the legalization of marijuana in the United States, thereby fostering drug-trafficking.”

He spent more time playing golf during his visit to Mexico than he spent on Mexico itself.

“This guy has no idea of what’s involved in advancing relations with us: Compare President Kennedy’s ‘Alliance for Progress’ initiative, to what this gent says and does. There is no comparison! This man doesn’t understand anything beyond basketball, Oprah, and, more or less, golf. He is populist, demogogic, imperialist, SUPERFICIAL and irresponsible….”

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