Did He Ever find a Fascist He didn’t Like? Soros: (Neo-Nazi) Ukraine a Potentially Attractive Investment Destination

Financier George Soros, who frankly affirmed in a 1998 interview on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” show that during his youth in Nazi-occupied Hungary, he assisted in the occupiers’ confiscation of property from Jews, continues to find business opportunities brought to him by Nazis. The British-sponsored Soros, whose avocation of funding “democracy” insurrections conveniently supports political movements and figures more pliant to oligarchical financial demands than are “authoritarian” nationalist regimes, published an op-ed yesterday titled “Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough.”

George Soros’ glory days.

Soros from the outset sets a tone of lying about the events in Ukraine that would make the White House or the State Department blush. Neglecting to mention the prominence of armed Nazi and neo-Nazi forces among the Maidan demonstrators, or the decrees passed by the Ukrainian parliament at gun-point, Soros says the situation there has come to a “surprisingly positive outcome.” In what might be taken as ecstatic romanticism not seen since Thomas Jefferson’s embrace of the French Revolution — were it not such a blatant lie — he gushes, “Contrary to all rational expectations, a group of citizens armed with not much more than sticks and shields made of cardboard boxes and metal garbage-can lids overwhelmed a police force firing live ammunition. There were many casualties, but the citizens prevailed.”

See LPAC’s “‘Democracy Projects’ Are Not Democratic: The Case of Ukraine & Russia”

After a small dissertation on the European Union’s failings in promoting the Association Agreement that was rejected by the Ukrainian government, Soros enthuses, “Now, after the Ukrainian people’s commitment to closer ties with Europe fueled a successful popular insurrection, the EU, along with the International Monetary Fund, is putting together a multibillion-dollar rescue package to save the country from financial collapse. But that will not be sufficient to sustain the national unity that Ukraine will need in the coming years.” He says his Renaissance Foundation, established in 1990, stands ready to help build democratic institutions. “But Ukraine will need outside assistance that only the EU can provide: management expertise and access to markets.”

Soros explains, “In the remarkable transformation of Central Europe’s economies in the 1990’s, management expertise and market access resulted from massive investments by German and other EU-based companies, which integrated local producers into their global value chains. Ukraine, with its high-quality human capital and diversified economy, is a potentially attractive investment destination.” [Emphasis added.] But first, Ukraine will have to rein in corruption and lawlessness, and gain foreign and domestic investment. This done, “Ukraine would thus open its domestic market to goods manufactured or assembled by European companies’ wholly- or partly-owned subsidiaries, while the EU would increase market access for Ukrainian companies and help them integrate into global markets.”

Soros calls this a modern day equivalent of the Marshall Plan “by which the United States helped to reconstruct Europe after World War II.” But central to the real Marshall Plan, was the idea of fostering the living standards of the people of western Europe, particularly in France and Italy. On the contrary, what we’ve seen today from the European Union and the IMF in the poorest countries of Europe, is demands for more and more austerity imposed on their populations. And as noted by Prof. Ian Bremmer in an article published in The National Interest yesterday, in Ukraine itself, “In the past, the IMF has conditioned any deal with Ukraine on painful economic reforms ….” Bremmer suggested that while the situation is hot, the IMF may moderate these demands, but “Once the revolution is off the front pages and the sense of urgency has passed, European governments will remember that the redesign of the Eurozone and the needs of weaker economies already in the EU must take precedence.”

If nothing else, George Soros’s blatant lying about the Ukranian putsch and the happy future offered by the EU and the IMF, should make people smell a big, fat rat.

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