by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 28, 2014

The problem is, that most members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives are presently ignorant of the principles of economy set originally by the Presidency of our United States, as this was clarified under our First President of the United States, George Washington.

The required stipulations, as actually defined, scientifically, under our President Washington, were also affirmed in the design of the U.S. banking system under one of our greatest geniuses serving as President of our United States, John Quincy Adams, as Adams’ design was understood and applied by his former colleague President Abraham Lincoln, in launching the system of “Greenbacks” which saved our republic from being conquered by our greatest, and chronic enemy, as a matter of fact, still to the present day, the British Empire.

Wall Street is among the agencies on which the British Empire relies to loot our Republic, as President Franklin Roosevelt clearly understood the relevant connections (whereas Presidents Harry S Truman, like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover, had been British assets who did much to plunge us into the Great 1929 collapse, from which President Franklin D. Roosevelt unlike—his pro-British, Confederacy-tainted cousin, Theodore—had saved our nation from Adolf Hitler and kindred scoundrels.) Essentially, Wall Street is among the most efficiently subversive agents of London-centered financier interests presently (and should be shut down for reason of its savage frauds against the very existence of our U.S. citizenry, like British stooge, Barack Obama).
The principle established by our Constitution, under President George Washington, and his Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, had established the American System of Political Economy, a system without which, the original United States would have been bankrupted even under the Administration of President Washington.

“Honest Money” has no intrinsic value of its own; its value is actually determined by the combination of advances in human creative productivity. Monetarism has no intrinsic value; value is located in the process of production: located in the per-capita productivity expressed in the fruit of labor in the production of those goods and services which directly tend to increase the physically efficient productive powers of human labor through improvements in the combination of scientific and related increases of physical wealth through the productive powers of labor.

Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction among the world’s economists has an explicit knowledge the principles of physical economy. British imperial monetarism has been the most evil agency engaged in looting, subverting, and attempting to destroy our republic since the founding of that British imperial system against which we had fought to create and defend our republic.

The monetarist delusion, radiated by the Dutch and British imperial systems, which have been literal echoes of the once-fallen Roman Empire, a British imperialism explicitly defined as a doctrine of empire at the same time that our patriots had fought against that European imperialism, and the Dutch and British evils more explicitly. It has been, since that time, first, Dutch, and a Dutch-created British imperialism, which as been, in the explicitly-stated, “Zeusian” tradition of the once-fallen Roman Empire, which continues to dominate our planet, and demand a green mass-death among our citizens, presently.

The fact is, that most of our republic’s Presidents were either traitors-in-fact (and also Anglo-Dutch agents-in-fact of practice), while our great Presidents have always been in a minority since the retirement of President George Washington.

That defines the disease which presently still confuses the majority of the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives now. Frankly, most of them know no better, but you suckers voted for them all the same.

I am, in effect, a scientist in these matters. The impediments which I have been obliged to confront since, in particular, by exposure of the fraudulent policies of practice under such as President Richard Nixon, and certain more recent Presidential scoundrels in office, most notably George H.W. Bush, his son, George W. Bush, Jr., and, now, the absolutely most wretched President of them all, Barack Obama, is the greatest internal threat to the continued existence of our United States in any recognizable form. His sweeping claim of Hitlerian powers over the U.S.A. Constitution would, if continued now, be the early total destruction of our United States. The question is, how many members of the Senate and House of Representatives refuse to respond to the treasonous intentions of President Barack Obama and his British masters and their Wall Street tools and stools.

My argument is fundamentally scientific, and that includes the physical-scientific method of physical economy. All other notions of economy are ultimately scientifically incompetent, and probably poisonous in effect, as follows:


The actually physical-scientific principle of economy, is biological, not mathematical otherwise. That means the physical-evolutionary principle unique to the human species, of willful discovery and use of discovered physical principles governing the per-capita physical and intellectual productivity unique to the human species.

Most kinds of plant and animal life (excepting humans) progress biologically, but not otherwise; they are merely animals, including the pets whose company we have often enjoyed (and that quite justly). The difference between man and beast is the principle of human invention. This principle is always in coherence with inventions by the human inventions, inventions which, as a trend, must be the application in practice of discovered physical principles in accord with the notions of a practice of physical science.

The only competent principle of measure of human progress, is the increase of the energy-flux density of evolution of mankind’s general, per-capita physical productivity in scientifically defined terms and conditions.

This was precisely Hamilton’s principle in stating the four great principles of economy upon the which successful establishment of our unique political-economic system has always depended. It is the mind of man, when expressed in this specific terms, as art and as science, which distinguishes the human personality from the beasts. President Obama is properly qualified as a murderous, and morally bestial, beast, in effect. He has committed great, unforgivable crimes against our Constitution, and must be immediately ousted from office, for those inherently urgent, and Constitutionally essential reasons.
Not to impeach him now, would be, a crime-in-of-itself. The evidence is both clear, immediate, and conclusive.

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