Natalia Vitrenko and Ukrainian Delegation Visit in Italy

Italy was the last leg of the European tour by the Ukrainian delegation led by Natalia Vitrenko. The group had meetings at the Lombardy Regional Council in Milan and a public event at the Tuscany Regional Council in Florence. Both events generated media coverage. An enemy deployment also helped in obtaining more coverage.

See: Vitrenko: Coup d’État in Ukraine as a Threat to European Security

In Milan, the Ukrainian delegation had two separate meetings with two groups at the Lombardy Regional Council. The first meeting was with a group of former Christian Democrats, and the second with a group of Lega Nord councilmen. In the second meeting, a few friends and contacts of Movisol participated as well. Among the latter, was journalist Maurizio Blondet, who published a long article thereafter on his website. Whereas questions at the first meeting showed a certain degree of media brainwashing, questions at the second meeting — which lasted longer — reflected a better understanding of the situation and of the strategic dimension. The Lega daily Padania published an interview done by a participant to the meeting (see below).

In Florence, the public event — advertised the day before in an ANSA wire and an article in a local newspaper — took place in the midst of enemy fire, presumably organized by the same forces who tried to sabotage the event by inducing the authorities to withdraw the institutional sponsorship. A group of protesters from the “Ukrainian community” was deployed, first to demonstrate outside the Russian consulate and then in front of the event with Vitrenko, Marchenko, and Sergachov. They were stopped by the police who had organized good protection. When their request to meet the speakers was turned down by the latter, an offer was accepted that a delegation would be allowed to one minute to speak before the event. This indeed took place, but did not prevent a couple of protesters, who had sneaked through security, from trying to disrupt Vitrenko’s presentation by asking questions and challenging her report. However, this was kept within normal limits not only by the speakers, but also by the audience itself.

At one point during the discussion, a member of the audience took the microphone to report about his recent trip to Ukraine (his wife is a Ukrainian), where he saw firsthand how the neo-Nazis are all over the place and have really taken power. At the end of the meeting, Vitrenko was interviewed by a local radio station.

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