In Ukraine, the West Has Created “A Mess They Do Not Have the Capacity or Wisdom To Clean,” Says Xinhua

China’s official news agency, Xinhua, rips into the pretenses and hypocrisy of the West’s adventures in the Ukraine in its commentary, “The West’s Fiasco In Ukraine.”

“For a brief moment, Western leaders might have stopped to congratulate themselves for their ‘accomplishments’ in Ukraine. With their backing, Ukrainian opposition protesters successfully toppled the pro-Russian government, forcing out the president they loathe and dealing a humiliating blow to the Kremlin. The West might have scored a major victory in this latest round of geopolitical fight. But things turned out otherwise. Shortly afterwards, Russia struck back.

“Now … Ukraine is teetering on the brink of total chaos and disintegration. The West’s strategy for installing a so-called democratic and pro-Western Ukrainian government did not get anywhere at all. On the contrary, they have created a mess they do not have the capacity or wisdom to clean.

“Their ill-fated plan was fundamentally flawed from the very beginning. First of all, they were destined to shoot their own feet when they, under the cliche pretense of supporting democracy, interfered in Ukrainian domestic affairs by engaging in biased mediation.

“Second, they underestimated Russia’s will to protect its core interests in Ukraine… Western leaders were delusional when they believed they, with dented moral authority and shrinking financial coffers, could still take up such a grand task of nation-building…

“The West itself also becomes a loser as the fiasco in Ukraine will surely erode its credibility. For the rest of the world, once again, people see another great country torn apart because of a clumsy and selfish West that boasts too many lofty ideals but always comes up short of practical solutions…

“After all, an independent, complete and stable Ukraine best serves the interests of all, including China.”

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