Yats Purges Army To Increase Power of Neo-Nazis

As he was meeting with the EU heads of state/government and with NATO in Brussels, new Kiev Prime Minister Arseni “Yats” Yatsenyuk had three deputy defense ministers fired, to comply with an ultimatum posed by the Right Sector neo-Nazis that their forces needed equipment, arms, and ammunition. The fired generals had vehemently opposed that.

Itar-Tass quoted a source as saying that “the demand came from the Right Sector’s leader, Dmytro Yarosh. He claimed the enforcers’ ‘conservative approaches’ do not help restore order in the country and prevent anti-Maidan protests in the country’s eastern and southern regions.” Yarosh demanded “in the form of an ultimatum” armory and medical equipment, as well as military training centers, and if the government and the country leaders failed to abide by the demands, “Yarosh does not rule out that the Right Sector will participate in Ukraine’s fate more energetically,” a barely-veiled threat of yet another coup, the source added. On March 5, the parliament in Kiev also received a motion to grant Yarosh’s gangs the status of military units.

The three fired officials are First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Oleynik, and Deputy Defense Ministers Vladimir Mozharovsky and Arturo Francisco Babenko. According to the source, the three at a closed session of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday expressed sharp criticism over giving the Right Sector militants the status of regular military units.

“They stated that the legal adoption of this initiative would lead to a final split of the society and the country, and bring chaos into the operations of the state’s security agencies,” the source said. “One of these military officials at this session directly told Yatsenyuk that actions of today’s Kiev authorities that overtures with radical nationalist organizations strip Ukraine of chances to ensure national unity, and it is just harmful to involve the state military agency in such dangerous games.” Oleynik was replaced by a pro-Yarosh man, Petro Mekhed.

On Friday one of the few Right Sector figures who talks to the press, Yarosh’s long-time buddy Andriy Tarasenko, gave a press conference to announce the combat coalition’s political plans. The Kyiv Post reports that he said, “We are preparing for a congress, at which the party will be renamed, and we will participate in the elections in Kyiv, the elections in all local councils, towns and villages, and this means that Dmytro Yarosh will run for president of Ukraine.” Tarasenko declared, according to other reports on his press appearance, that “we remain the leaders of this revolution.” He complained that, so far, “there has been no reset of power. Only the names in the government offices have changed,” and he added, “We are mobilizing, we are preparing to react to foreign aggression.”

In other coup-continuation news, the Council of the Maidan has officially demanded that all cabinet ministers come to the Maidan (which is still in session round the clock, albeit with fewer people) to report on what they are going to do and receive the approval of the mob.

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