Steger for Congress Townhall: Leadership for A Real Revolution

Right across the street from the California Democratic Party state convention, where issues, not principles, dominated, more than 50 supporters gathered to experience an evening of real leadership that does stand for principles.

Introduced by Harley Schlanger, both Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger called on everyone to join their campaigns to create a real revolution in the United States and the world. The first task of this movement, they repeated again and again was to remove Barak Obama from the Presidency of this nation to stop the march to World War III. And as Mike Steger put it, it would be the war to end all wars, just maybe not in the way that phrase was first meant.

Schlanger began by discussing what the intent of Kesha’s campaign had begun with — to change the discussion of the entire 2014 U.S. elections to focus on the impeachment of Obama. Secondly, he said, was to end business as usual; to end the stupid, meaningless discussion of issues, and instead to focus on what must be done by presenting the ideas required for the future.

He reviewed the current policy of Obama and the empire, especially the strategic showdown now underway in regard to Ukraine, emphasizing that LaRouche had warned on February 3, that the world would be on the cusp of thermonuclear war by March 1, which once again demonstrated the forecasts of LaRouche must never be ignored.

Now, with this crisis, he said, both Russia and China are playing the LaRouche card, and our job, now, is to get the U.S. to play it, by getting people to tell the truth.

By telling the truth, Kesha Rogers won a spot in the run-off election in Texas, despite all the pundits, the media, and the Democratic Party saying ‘She ain’t going nowhere’. Well, now, she may well go to the U.S. Senate.

Her campaign, he said, focussed on getting rid of Obama and Wall Street, and addressing the real physical breakdown of the economy by building NAWAPA to deal with the Western drought.

The Democratic Party attempted to stop her, claiming she was not a Democrat because she wanted to impeach Obama and would not take a loyalty oath to him. What is this? Joseph McCarthy time?

Then they tried to suppress the vote, and had a guy who contributes to Republicans put $3.5 million of his own money in his campaign. They still did not eliminate her, and we now have eleven weeks to put this young lady in the U.S. Senate.

With that introduction, Kesha Rogers took the floor to loud applause.

Right off, she set the tone for the rest of the evening, reporting on how, when the campaign was launched, it was just after the wonderful memorial concert we held in Vienna, VA, to revive the legacy of President John F. Kennedy. She determined, she said, to bring that spirit and idea into the campaign for the U.S. Senate in Texas.

What Kennedy represented, for me, she said, was the willingness to take on adversity at all costs; to stand for the truth. You must have that conviction — to always do what is right. She told her audience about Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage, and how, for her, the profiles of John Quincy Adams and Sam Houston gave her examples for her to follow in representing that tradition of always standing for the truth and opposing that which is popular.

Giving us a lesson in LaRouche’s frequent attacks on popular opinion and linear thinking, she reported on the discussions she had with some of the media the day after the election. When they tried to say it was her last name that got her votes, she told them no, it was your reporting that I wanted to impeach Obama that got people to vote for me. She told them you thought I would never win two previous elections calling for the impeachment of this President, but I did. Maybe, she told them, people want to hear the truth for a change. You see, she said, they just don’t get what LaRouche always says, that man has the capacity to know and create a future.

As for the Democratic Party, they have destroyed their party. Only 3.6% of the voters turned out because they can’t tell the truth.

We went into the streets. We went to the rural areas where the other Democrats don’t dare to go. We recruited the former JFK Democrats to vote for me. We told them we will restore the nation by restoring the policies of JFK to push forward science and build infrastructure like NAWAPA.

The result was I am the first African-American and the female to make it to the run-off election to the U.S. Senate in the history of Texas.

So, on May 27, we are going to win again; we are going to do the impossible again. We shall escalate.

First on the agenda is the impeachment of Obama. Then, with my colleague Michael Steger, we shall focus on the drought that is destroying both of our states and much of the West. Obama supports fracking and the use of our depleted water supplies for extracting gas and oil. He supports using 50% of our corn harvest for bio-fuels, while people go hungry.

This must end now. Have the courage to take on Wall Street and end the looting of the population. Restore Glass-Steagall, return to the Hamiltonian principles of banking and finance, like John Quincy Adams and John Kennedy did. We must have a science driver policy and end the greenies genocide policy. Then we move to a fusion economy, using Helium-3 from the Moon. Is that not what John Kennedy would do? Yes!

With our joint campaigns we must transform and revolutionize it all. It will have a reverberating effect across the nation and the world. That is the way to end the threat of war. War and drought can be put behind us as we carry out the common aims of mankind.

One final word, she said. Get this President out now!

Schlanger introduced Mike Steger by relating Lyn’s frequent statements about how the American people have been stupefied. Well, one of the faces of that stupification is Nancy Pelosi. Her opponent this year, running for Congress is Michael Steger.

Michael Steger immediately challenged everyone to jump into this campaign, saying that your participation is critical if we are going to change the country. Not only the country, he said, but we won’t survive as a species unless we stop the intent of Obama to start World War III. But, he added, if we stop the war drive we still face a total collapse of the financial system and real economy.

Obama and the Democratic Party have no commitment to the future, which brings up the question of why is anyone in politics? For us, it is because man only survives by revolutionary changes in society; the advancing of mankind through scientific and real cultural progress. It is only through a continuing revolution in the productivity of man that man can continue to exist.

In the West, in California and Texas, we have the two largest states in the country. What they are today came out of what FDR initiated; his commitment to the development of the rural areas by water and energy projects and rural electrification.

That is the same commitment John Kennedy lived for. It is what real politics must be — to transform the nation and humanity.

In addition Texas and California represent some of the most advanced scientific institutions of the nation, like Lawrence Livermore, JPL, and NASA, all working on the frontiers of science.

Now the Western states are barren and dry. Your future is dying right before your eyes. The most productive land in the world only lacks the water required to realize that potential. But, there is plenty of water in Alaska and the Yukon. We must bring it down to the West. NAWAPA was ready to go in 1964.

What prevents it from being built is the fascist oligarchy which wants to destroy the population. It was and is their intention to not build NAWAPA. That is why they killed John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and others.

Our campaigns address what is at stake with a single revolutionary platform: Get Obama out, break the empire, restore Glass-Steagall and build NAWAPA. That is how we solve the crisis. It is not a crisis of policy but courage.

Steger then discussed the ongoing Democratic Convention across the street, saying that there is no love for Obama among Democrats, just a lack of guts.

Concluding, Steger urged everyone to join our campaigns and use them to bring these higher level of political ideas to people. They will respond.

For the next hour Kesha, Michael and Harley responded to questions from the activists, with the first one setting the tone for a discussion that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Asked what is the strategy for winning? Kesha Rogers made it clear that it is not to win an election but to defeat the oligarchy. All of you have to be a part of doing that. You must do your part. Bombard Congress with calls every day. That makes our job easier.

A question on water and NAWAPA was responded to by Mike Steger, who emphasized that the reason NAWAPA is not being built is because it would not be controlled by Wall Street and their global fascist intention. Mike then discussed NAWAPA, emphasizing that all that water up north is not adding much to increasing living processes on the planet. NAWAPA will make that water more productive, creating a garden out of a desert.

Kesha responded to a conspiracy question by making clear that the intent of the oligarchy is to destroy all nation states. Nation states must be sovereign in order to advance the human species. That is what most do not want to discuss. We must take on the empire by the real power of man and what he represents.

Harley Schlanger developed that theme further. He said the problem is that most people think that they are too powerful, and thus people won’t fight. Tell people that the power of the oligarchy is your subservience. But, they are bankrupt and cannot survive. So fight them.

Why is the anti-war movement doing nothing? asked another activist. To which Harley simply said because most of them are afraid to say Obama is a fascist.

Steger underlined that point, reminding people that it was Pelosi that took the impeachment of Bush and Cheney off the table. There is no leadership for these people. We must be that leadership that solves problems. All the problems, all the issues have only one solution– the shutting down of the empire.

Why don’t you work with the Republicans to impeach Obama? They are really against him, asked a regular contributor. To which Kesha Rogers responded, reminding people that we have been pushing on the Republicans for years to do it. The problem is, she said, they won’t do it. They are controlled by Wall Street just as Obama is. But, we have to get one of them to do it now. You have to be aggressive. You have to be a brave soul.

A newer person asked for some discussion of Glass-Steagall. Mike Steger discussed the broader meaning of Glass-Steagall, emphasizing our intent to shut down Wall Street, and then to set a system that works; a Hamiltonian system that has productive investment and employment as its focus. This will create a social process that increases the skill level of the population required to build NAWAPA. Glass-Steagall stops the criminality and gives us an opportunity.

One of our old activists brought up how Hank Gonzalez threatened to impeach George Bush. Yes, Kesha said, leaders must act without fear because they know what they are doing is right.

Obviously coming from populist noise, a woman asked that with Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA will we have the same size or bigger government?

Steger had some fun with this one by discussing the purpose of government. Size does not matter, he said. We must have a government that makes sure we have a financial system that makes the productive system work. It is not the size but the quality of intention of government that we must be concerned with. We must have a government that has the capability to defeat the empire.

Kesha Rogers jumped in, commenting that John Kennedy believed in efficient government; a government that will fulfill the general welfare.

Harley Schlanger added by asking, Why do people fear big government? It is the wrong question. Wall Street has taken over the government. It is a corporate take over. We have a government of the cartels. That is called fascism. We are the government. Don’t let these fascist corporatists take it over.

A question about fear and denial that permeates peoples’ minds allowed Steger to discuss Lyn’s recent remarks about nightmares. Nightmares are really most people’s real lives. They, in a certain respect, are already dead, because they fear that their lives really mean nothing. We have to break them out of this, then they can become optimistic. That is the task of a real nation state.

Concluding the meeting, Kesha Rogers had the last word. She said, what I accomplished was due to what a lot of you did. You gave me the funds to do it. We only had $30,000, but with that we made a millionaire squirm. Why? Because we have a commitment to the future and our enemy does not. So, ridicule them and have a lot more fun showing them that we are in control, not them. Now we have a sling shot to bring down Goliath. The crucial turning point of history is now upon us. So, I want you all to give as big a contribution to Mike Steger’s Congressional campaign. We have proven that they can be beaten and our commitment to change the world can inspire people. Thank you.

For the next hour almost no one left as they engaged the candidates and other organizers in discussions and went to the literature table to contribute to the Steger campaign.

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