New Resistance To Nazism Emerges In Germany

In an extraordinary development in the midst of our street organizing across Germany against “our government supporting Nazis in Kiev,” three more major exposés of Nuland’s Nazis appeared in major German media from Saturday night, March 8 and Monday morning.

BüSo Party organizing in Stuttgart, Germany against Nazi coup in Ukraine.

Sunday the “Panorama” program of the first TV network featured “Putsch in Kiev: What Role Are the Fascists Playing?” on Sunday. This reports that “extreme-right forces played an important role from the beginning on the Maidan,” exemplified by Svoboda, a neo-fascist party “received by the NPD [German neo-fascist party] in Saxony last year” and “seen as Nazi allies [in the 1940s] in eastern and southern Ukraine.” Svoboda now controls the deputy prime minister, the chief public prosecutor, and the head of the national security council, Andrei Parubi, and the latter’s immediate deputy is “the neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh” who formed and heads the Right Sector. With many details and quotes of Svoboda chief Oleh Tyahnybok’s scurrilous statements about “Russo-Jewish swine,” the piece ends by quoting Alexander Rahr. “The Right Sector was decisive for the coup in my view, because it is an organization which was already ready to go to battle with the police and security forces…. It played a great part in the victory of the Maidan.”

An article appearing Monday morning in “RP Online” had nearly the same title, “What Role Do the Rightists Play in Ukraine?” The article begins, “Kiev: In Ukraine right groups have gained considerable political influence in the course of the protests. Their representatives own important posts in the new government in Kiev.”

Vladimir Putin says there are right-extremist, fascist groups in the “coup” in Ukraine, this article says. “But there is also broad unease in the West. Above all, two groups are pointed to: the Svoboda Party, which is taking five high-ranking posts in the new government, including that of vice-premier. And Pravy Sektor, the Right Sector, whose leader Dmytro Yarosh is now deputy minister for national security. Both groups are constantly labelled as ‘neo-fascist’ or ‘anti-Semitic.’ They do not accept it.” The author then details how Right Sector “stormed” and hacked Wikipedia to get its description of them changed, which it was, to merely “some major media describe them as extreme right or neo-fascist.”

On Saturday night, March 8, the ARD-TV network had broadcast on its (TV News), the starkest warning, “With Nazi Symbols Against Putin: The Right Sector and the Maidan,” which is advertised by a photo of a Right Sector street fighting group. The 6-minute piece begins with the strong hypothesis that “the Right Sector overthrew the President,” and includes the video of a freaked out “Klitsch” futilely trying to stop a Right Sector attack on police lines, being completely ignored, and giving up.

This continuing flow of exposés of real, current Nazis mobilized against Russia, shows that we are waking Germany up.

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