War Party Tells Obama to Escalate Militarily Around Ukraine, to “Extract a Heavy Toll on Russia in Blood and Treasure”

As military maneuvers escalate on both sides around the Ukraine conflict, and the diplomatic confrontation also heats up, there are influential voices of extreme insanity being heard in Washington, in effect calling for a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Anyone who is still foolishly dismissing Lyndon LaRouche’s warning of impending thermonuclear war as unlikely, should wake up and take note of the following:

An article headlined “How to Put Military Pressure on Russia” was published in the March 9 Wall Street Journal, written by Jim Thomas, Vice President of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. The CSBA is run by retired Army Col. Andrew Krepinevich who was trained in the latter part of his career by Andrew Marshall, the long time head of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment. Marshall is the guru behind the failed Revolution in Military Affairs and has been indoctrinating military officers in his outlook for decades, many of whom now populate the CSBA and who are the intellectual authors of the Air Sea Battle concept, which many critics have warned could get us into an otherwise avoidable war with China.

In his article, Thomas argues that diplomacy around the Ukraine crisis is all fine and good, “but there is also a need to think about military options.” He calls for:

1) Outfitting Poland’s F16’s with nuclear warheads, “so that they could participate in NATO’s nuclear mission.”

2) “Storing nuclear weapons on the territory of front-line allies, including Poland, if relations with Russia further deteriorate.”

3) Permanently station NATO forces in Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

4) “This might include missile defenses to protect major bases in those countries along with anti-air, anti-armor and anti-ship weapons to counter air, land or naval incursions.”

5) “Seriously consider a future Ukrainian request for indirect military assistance, especially if Russia escalates the crisis in Crimea or deploys its forces into other eastern Ukrainian provinces.” And

6) Although it is “far-fetched to imagine NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine, nevertheless, it would still be possible to exact a heavy toll on Russia in blood and treasure through a protracted irregular war if it formally annexes Crimea or attempts to occupy other parts of the country,” Thomas concludes.

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