Ukraine’s “Anti-Eurocolonization Front” in New Appeal

Most of the 29 organizations, including Natalia Vitrenko and her Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, which on Jan. 25 appealed to the UN and Western leaders to prevent a neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, met in Kiev on Saturday and issued a new appeal, this time addressed to the leadership of China, India, and the Russian Federation. This time 34 organizations and parties convened under the auspices of the National Resistance Front against Eurocolonization, formed last year in opposition to the Euromaidan and Ukraine’s economic and political subjugation under a free-trade Association Agreement with the European Union.

Watch:Natalia Vitrenko’s Paris Webcast: No to the Nazi Coup in Ukraine

The new document is titled, “Defend the People of Ukraine from the crimes of genocide, proclaimed by the neo-Nazis who have seized power by force of arms! Help our people defend their national sovereignty against Eurocolonization and NATO occupation!” Signers include 7 heads of political parties and 8 former national Members of Parliament.

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The appeal details the evidence that the regime exercising power in Kiev is unconstitutional and illegitimate. It also illustrates the racist and confrontationist political nature of the new regime. It concludes, “Ukraine is experiencing a disaster. Neo-Nazism, genocide and the threat of igniting a Third World War are at hand in Ukraine today. We appeal to you to use all available means (diplomatic, political, economic, and military) to intervene, to defend our country from neo-Nazi dictatorship, to protect the life and safety of the citizens of Ukraine, and to return the country to a democratic path.”

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