LaRouche: Malaysia Air 370 Likely a British-Saudi “9/11 for Asia”

Lyndon LaRouche today said that the unsolved mystery of Malaysia Air flight MH-370, which has now been missing since March 8 despite massive search efforts, must be treated as a probable “9/11 copycat for Asia,” as further investigations continue and are redoubled.

For eleven days there have been many diverse speculations, but no concrete evidence regarding the disappearance of the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board. LaRouche pointed to the existence of several centers of terrorism in the region, from Chechnyan cells across the region to Uighur cells in China, all controlled by the same British-Saudi apparatus which ran the 9/11 2001 military attack on the United States. These would be likely suspects in any strategic terror attack in Asia, which must be investigated until proven otherwise, said LaRouche. This terror network, in the context of the drive for war against Russia and China by the London/Wall Street financial oligarchy, makes it increasingly likely that a terrorist attack with the characteristics of what is known about the Malaysia Air incident would take place, he said.

Efforts must be redoubled to trace this out, on behalf of international interests, of Asia and beyond, said LaRouche, adding that at this point the likelihood that it is not accidental is so accute that such a counter-terrorist investigation must be carried out. If the plane indeed continued off course for several hours, with no signs of an explosion or wreckage, it must be presumed for investigative purposes that it was a take-over and part of a 9/11 event for Asia, he concluded.

Satellite tracking of the plane has now pointed to two probable corridors for the plane’s flight path during the hours following the loss of official contact — one heading south by southwest past the western shore of Australia in the Indian Ocean, the other northwest over Tibet, Xinjiang and Central Asia.

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1 Response to LaRouche: Malaysia Air 370 Likely a British-Saudi “9/11 for Asia”

  1. Siddharth says:

    I think your analysis Sir is very accurate. There seems to be a the same 911 hand behind this episode as well. Check this out, the entire chain of events is tracked in this article since before 911.

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