Obama Intervenes Openly Against Feinstein and Senate

President Barack Obama publicly took a position against Sen. Dianne Feinstein and those supporting her in the Senate, and implicitly for the criminal investigation of Senate Intelligence Committee aides. Obama thus went deeper into his violation of the separation of powers in the Constitution, upping his impeachability. At the same time he tried to claim “nuetrality” in the dispute between Feinstein and the CIA Director, John Brennan.

To PBS, Obama said Saturday that “taking sides was not something that is an appropriate role for me and the White House to wade into at this point.” But on the same day, former CIA Director Michael Hayden, on CNN March 14, said that the CIA notified the White House in January that it was referring Senate aides to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice for investigation of improper possession of classified documents, and, said Hayden, “there was tacit acceptance from the White House of the CIA’s decision to take action” against its Senate investigators.

This is not tacit anymore: Obama also said to PBS on Saturday: “With respect to the issues that are going back and forth between the Senate committee and the CIA, John Brennan has referred them to the appropriate authorities and they are looking into it.” Thus Obama is backing potential prosecution of the Senate by the Justice Department, for producing a report about CIA “rendition” and torture practices.

On March 15th, Countercurrents.org published a very long review of this developing situation, entitled “U.S. May Experience Constitutional Crisis, Finds The Intercept.” The Intercept is the website/publication started in February by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill to take the Snowden revelations outside Britain’s Guardian. The article is by Dan Froomkin, and says, “Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA search may also have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as Executive Order 12333, which prohibits the CIA from conducting domestic searches or surveillance.” It reviews the growing list of public statements of support for Feinstein — Senators Ron Wyden, Mark Udall, Harry Reid, Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, Lindsey Graham — in what is now an open conflict with dictator Obama.

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