Yats Decrees “Military Phase” Now in Effect, After Shadowy Sniper Incident in Crimea Leaves a Ukrainian Serviceman Dead

Yesterday in Simferopol, capital of Crimea, a sniper incident, details of which remain unclear, has resulted, according to various media reports, in the death of a Ukrainian serviceman (rank unclear) and another man (Crimean self-defense volunteer), soon after which, Ukrainian illegitimate Prime Minister “Yats” used the episode to declare a change in the rules of engagement, giving Ukrainian troops the right to use weapons against Russian so-called aggressors. Yats said that after the Simferopol occurrence, “It’s not a political conflict. It’s a military conflict.” Yats spoke at an emergency government meeting, where he said, “Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian military servicemen, and that is a war crime.”

Today’s sniper hit occurred at a military structure of some type, barely an hour after the speech by President Putin at the Kremlin, in which he pointedly expressed thanks for the restraint that has been exercised by Ukrainian and all soldiers in Crimea. The perpetrators were armed masked men; two unmarked cars were involved.

The nature of today’s attack is reminiscent of the sniper actions and deaths done at the Maidan, which destroyed the Feb. 21 agreement and precipitated conditions of chaos for a bloody, neo-Nazi coup—a point immediately noted by Crimean Prime Minister Aksyonov. The sudden and extreme escalation by the Yats gang, to grant license to its forces to “shoot to kill,” is consistent with this, and with the fact that the British game-masters are desperate that no violence had taken place between Russia and Ukraine so far.

Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov likened today’s Simferopol attack to the Maidan sniper shootings. He told Russia’s Channel One, “At the moment, two people are dead as a result of a provocation, a sabotage. The situation allows me to conclude that the same techniques that were used at Maidan are being used now, because, most likely, one assaulter fired at both sides—one Ukrainian serviceman and one man from self-defense forces of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea were killed.”

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